Starfield powers - how to get them Character looking at a strange broken structure

Starfield Powers – how to get them

It is safe to say that Starfield has taken the spotlight in the gaming community. Players are currently spending a lot of their time mastering all the features this game has thrown at them. Being a sci-fiction game, Bethesda has left no stone unturned, particularly with player abilities. One of them being Powers. However, due to their supernatural quality, many players have shown doubt and confusion. So, this article will focus on explaining the Powers in Starfield and how to acquire them.

Once you understand what Powers are used for and how exactly you can get all of them, you won’t be able to stop using them. They will make your gameplay more fun and dynamic, and you will realize how valuable they are.

Keep reading to find out about Powers in Starfield and how you can get them.

How to find Powers in Starfield?

Powers can be defined as magical abilities that the player character can use to supernaturally manipulate the environment and themselves in a fantastical manner. Basically, it’s like the Force from Star Wars. To acquire these Powers, you will have to complete a main mission quest called Into the Unknown.

During this mission, you will follow a mysterious signal to a planet called Procyon III. You will reach an ancient temple with a strange floating artifact inside of it. Once you solve a puzzle that requires you to move toward several sparkling light orbs, the artifact will get charged. Then, just go inside the artifact, and you will get your first Power called Anti-Gravity Field.

From there onwards, you will need to locate more of these ancient temples to unlock more Powers. You can talk to Vladimir about these strange artifacts and whenever you enter a star system, you will get a Sensor Anomaly which is an indicator of an ancient temple present in the star system.

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