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Starfield builds – the best skills and traits to pick

Welcome to our Starfield builds guide, where we will help you choose the best skills and traits for your character. In this article, we will explore the essential Skills and Traits that will enhance your gameplay experience and enable you to navigate the vast universe of Starfield. 

Whether you’re an experienced explorer or a new recruit, understanding the importance of these choices will give you an edge in your interstellar adventures.

Read on to find out the best Starfield builds for your character.

Best Skills in Starfield

In Starfield, leveling up your skills is crucial for overcoming challenges and maximizing your character’s abilities. Here are some of the best skills to prioritize early on:


The Commerce skill is a must-have for any aspiring space entrepreneur. By leveling up this skill, you gain a significant advantage in buying and selling items. Vendors will offer better prices for your goods, and their inventory becomes more lucrative. This skill allows you to amass wealth quickly and focus on the aspects of the game that you enjoy the most.


While combat is a thrilling part of Starfield, sometimes diplomacy can be just as rewarding. The Persuasion skill opens up new dialogue options and grants you the ability to negotiate your way out of conflicts. Having a high Persuasion skill early on can save you time, and trouble, and even unlock hidden opportunities.


If you enjoy the thrill of space battles and dream of commanding your own fleet, then the Piloting skill is your pathway to domination. This skill allows you to board enemy ships, take out their crew, and claim their vessels as your own. By mastering Piloting, you can conquer even the largest and most complex ships the universe has to offer.

Research Methods

Crafting is a vital aspect of survival in Starfield, and the Research Methods skill is your key to unlocking its full potential. By leveling up this skill, you reduce the cost of crafting, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, research projects become easier to complete, allowing you to create powerful items with fewer resources.


In a universe filled with dangers and hidden treasures, the Security skill becomes your best friend. With this skill, you can unlock the art of lockpicking, gaining access to secure containers and valuable loot. By mastering Security, you’ll never be locked out of an opportunity again.

Targeting Control Systems

This skill allows you to precisely target and disable specific systems on enemy ships. By taking out their weapons, shields, or engines, you can gain a significant advantage in battle.

Best Traits in Starfield

In Starfield, selecting the right traits for your character can significantly impact your playstyle and open up unique opportunities. Here are some of the best traits to consider:


Harness the power of empathy with the Empath trait. This trait allows you to strengthen your companions by performing actions they appreciate, increasing their combat effectiveness. Conversely, actions they dislike can diminish their abilities. By mastering empathy, you create strong alliances and forge unbreakable bonds.


Embrace your sociable nature with the Extrovert trait. This trait reduces oxygen consumption when adventuring with human companions, fostering stronger bonds and efficient teamwork. However, when exploring alone, your oxygen consumption increases.

Alien DNA

Embrace your extraterrestrial origins with the Alien DNA trait. This trait grants a boost to your health and endurance, enhancing your survivability in the harsh conditions of space. While healing items may be less effective, the advantages of increased resilience far outweigh the drawbacks.

Hero Worshipped

Bask in the adoration of your fans with the Hero Worshipped trait. While it comes with an overzealous fan who can be annoying, this trait grants you free gifts and regular words of encouragement. The perks of this trait far outweigh the occasional inconvenience.

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