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Dead Island 2 explore the sets – how to do it

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Ready to maim and kill those zombies? Wait, can you actually kill something that’s already dead? Oh yes, if you are playing a zombie-shooter with great environmental storytelling. In this guide, we will take you through how to complete the Dead Island 2 explore the sets quest.

Probably one of the most memorable locations in the game comes when you get to explore a whole location shooting place, complete with crazy sets.

Let’s find out where exactly you can find the key and complete Dead Island 2 explore the sets.

How to explore the sets in Dead Island 2 

The first thing you’ll need to do is head to Sound Stage 7 on the mini-map. The key to unlocking Sound Stage 7 is crucial in advancing through the mission. Luckily, it can be found in the dressing rooms, not far from the point of entry.

Once you’re inside Sound Stage 7, head towards the left and pass by the small brick wall. On the right, there is a white sheet over a wooden box area where you can jump up. Once on top, take note of the sign to the left that says, “Filming in Progress Quiet on set, please.” Just below it, you can find the circuit breaker that you need to pick up.

To locate the breaker panel, follow these steps after obtaining the circuit breaker:

  1. Turn around and jump down from where you found the circuit breaker.
  2. Turn right and head to the end of the short path.
  3. Turn left to see the breaker panel posted against the wall.
  4. Insert the circuit breaker to the three control panels.
  5. Interact with the Temple Doors FX first but keep at a distance as enemies will rush forward.

Completing this step will prompt the next directive in the mission: “Keep Exploring.” Proceed through the now-opened FX doorway to continue the mission. The path should be straightforward now, leading the slayer to some high-production-value Hollywood sets. However, be careful as the sets are filled with zombies and environmental traps that can be used to your advantage.

Now you know how to explore the sets in Dead Island 2. For more guides on this game, feel free to take a look at how to find the blue crab storage keycard and how to beat the boss Butcho the Clown.