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Dead Island 2 Butcho the Clown – how to beat the boss

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Dead Island 2 is finally here, and there’s a clown zombie in there waiting for you. In this guide, we will take you through how to beat Dead Island 2 Butcho the Clown.

In the zombie-killing game, you will come across many zombie archetypes, each with unique abilities that pose a different challenge to you. One such example is Butcho the Clown, a boss zombie you find during the Boardwalking Dead main quest.

Let’s find out how to kill Dead Island 2 Butcho the Clown!

How to beat Butcho the Clown

While he may seem like an overwhelming opponent at first, you can beat Butcho the Clown in Dead Island 2 by targeting his weak points and using the right weapons. You should also be aware of his ability to regenerate health and take care not to let him get away during the fight.

To beat Butcho, aim for his upper arms or legs, as they are his weak spots. You can deal a lot of damage by hitting him with a good rifle. But don’t shoot at his chest, as he can block shots with his sword arms.

Butcho’s main attack is to jump at you and swing his sword arms. He often does this once or twice in quick succession. He can also jump onto you, which requires you to press buttons repeatedly to break free. Avoiding this attack is crucial as it can kill you quickly if he hits you multiple times.

As the fight progresses and Butcho’s health reaches around 50-75%, he will retreat to another section of the pier. If you fail to follow him quickly, he will start consuming bodies, restoring his health. This makes it imperative to keep up with him and continue dealing damage.

Despite his challenging abilities, the undead clown doesn’t seem to have a lot of health, making him easier to take down than some of the other bosses in the game. Guns have proven to be very effective in this fight.

That’s all you need to know to beat the pesky undead clown. If you liked this guide, why not check out where to find the space 2250 key location and how to unlock the ability to fast travel?