Dead Island 2 comms area keycard - how to get the item soldier

Dead Island 2 comms area keycard – how to get the item

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Inspired by the classic (well… “classic”) George A. Romero movie, the zombie game by Deep Silver celebrates the director with the quest Diaries of the Dead where you’ll be able to get some interesting loot. In this guide, we will take you through how to get the item Dead Island 2 comms area keycard.

The quest involves finding the Comms Area keycard, which is required to complete the task. The objective of the quest is to collect letters written by soldiers and upload them into the game’s system. However, the convoy vehicle carrying the letters in the memory stick was attacked by zombies.

Without further ado, let’s find out how you can get the Dead Island 2 comms area keycard!

How to get the comms area keycard in Dead Island 2 

The first thing you need to do to get the comms area keycard is visiting the Military Base on Venice Beach and speak with W.O. Rodriguez. He is at the base tower inside the Military Base. Rodriguez will provide you with a briefing on the quest and the task at hand. Note that before embarking on the Diaries of the Dead quest, you must first complete another side quest called Cremains of the Day.

Once the quest is accepted, you must search for the convoy vehicles that were carrying the letters. The vehicles are to the east of the Military Base, in the civilian area. However, you must be careful when leaving the gate, as there is an electric trap on the floor.

After navigating the area and fighting off hordes of zombies, you will eventually come across a convoy in Dead Island 2. You must approach the vehicle in white and obtain the memory stick. But be aware, after obtaining the memory stick, you must fight off another wave of zombies.

During this wave, you will need to kill a Signal Officer Zombie who holds the Comms Area Keycard. Collect the keycard and head into the USMC Comms area inside the military base to find the satellite dish. 

Now you know how to get the Dead Island 2 comms area keycard. For more guides like this, feel free to take a look at how to beat the boss Butcho the Clown and how to complete the side quest cold pork