Dead Island 2 cold pork – how to beat the side quest

Dead Island 2 cold pork - characters talking

In Dead Island 2, there are plenty of quests for you to complete. In this guide, we will take you through how to beat the side quest Dead Island 2 cold pork.

To begin the Cold Pork quest, you must first reach the Venice Beach area of the game by following the main story questline. Once there, you will receive a story quest that requires you to defeat Moose and Dillon.

Once you have completed this prerequisite quest, you can move on to the side quest Dead Island 2 cold pork. Keep reading to find out how!

How to complete the Cold Pork side quest

To begin the Cold Pork Dead Island 2 quest, speak to Trent at the Blue Crab and grab the Blue Crab Storage key there. Then, exit the Blue Crab and make your way to the beach.

The police station is located near the gym where you encountered Moose earlier. Upon entering the police station, you will need to break the maglock holding the door shut. This can be done by following the wires to the panels and destroying them. The first panel is located on the wall in the bathroom, while the second is on the wall in the reception area.

After opening the door, you must proceed down the hallway and enter the reception area on the left. In order to progress, you must find a keycard. This keycard can be found on the white-framed corkboard next to the lockers. Once you have retrieved it, you can use it to gain access to the storage room. The storage room can be located by going through the door next to the desk on the other side of the room. Once inside, you can find the storage key on the counter where the opening on the bars is located.

Finally, you must use the storage key to unlock the storage area and retrieve the gun case. Once you have obtained the gun case, you must return it to Trent at the Blue Crab to complete the quest and receive your reward.

That concludes our guide on how to beat the side quest of cold pork in Dead Island 2. Looking for more guides? Here’s how to complete the Message in a bottle quest and how to get all legendary weapons

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