Did Fran Bow kill her parents? Character riding in a car

Did Fran Bow kill her parents?

Fran Bow’s narrative design and unique aesthetic quality have already turned it into a classic in the psychological horror genre. Each chapter of this game presents players with a world that is equally terrifying and exciting to explore. Fans are constantly trying to understand the cryptic story in the game. Also, there is a question, did Fran Bow kill her parents? One that comes up a lot during these conversations.

Fran is the main character and you are going to be very sympathetic to her problems. So, understanding her backstory and knowing why all of this is happening to her, not only gives you closure but also helps you to understand this story better

So, read on and find the answer to the question: did Fran Bow kill her parents? A mystery to solve.

Did Fran Bow kill her parents? Character standing near a well

Were Fran Bow’s parents murdered by her?

Technically, yes. There are two theories, the first one being that Dr. Oswald and Grace made Remor, a huge terrifying creature, possess Fran and murder her parents. So, Fran was not in control and her parents were indirectly killed by Dr. Oswald and Grace.

However, you can also interpret the Remor as a product of Fran’s trauma. In a way, it is personified due to Dr. Oswald’s experiments on her. Although we see Fran killing her parents, it’s pretty clear that she is going through some sort of psychotic breakdown. You would too, if you had all that trauma inflicted on you. Overall, this is the theory that most players believe in.

The second theory is a little bit grimmer. According to this theory, Fran basically cannot grasp the concept of death which is exemplified by conversations with decapitated animals’ heads. All of the strange things happening to her are just a coping mechanism to avoid the fact that she is the reason why her parents are dead.

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