Fran Bow sequel - everything we know Monster grabbing a character

Fran Bow sequel – everything we know

Fran Bow is easily one of the best psychological horror games of recent times. With its picture book-esque art style combined with a dark and grim narrative, Fran Bow is absolutely terrifying. It feels like a darker version of Alice in Wonderland with themes of abuse and trauma. This game has clearly resonated with players, and now everyone wants to know about the Fran Bow sequel. Where is it, when can we play it?

Without spoiling anything, it is pretty clear that the story of Fran Bow ended with this game. There were no major cliffhangers or loose ends that could be used for the sequel. However, this does not mean that the developers cannot create another game in the Fran Bow universe.

In any case, this article will focus on everything we currently know about the Fran Bow sequel. Hopefully, all of this information satisfies your curiosity.

Fran Bow sequel - everything we know Character looking for something

Is there going to be a sequel to Fran Bow?

Unfortunately, we don’t know yet. As Killmonday Games, the developers of Fran Bow, have not released any official information regarding the sequel. But not all hope is lost. In a recent news update, the devs stated that they were working on an extra chapter. During its development, they decided to create a standalone game.

It will be a shorter game set in the Fran Bow universe and will have a very similar tone. Although not a direct sequel, we can still speculate this upcoming game to be more of a spin-off. This game will give us more information about the Ultrareality and it will explore the role of Fran as the keeper of keys in more depth.

This is all we currently know regarding the sequel to Fran Bow. However, keep an eye out for the news updates from Killmonday Games.

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