Dead Island 2 release date fighting a zombie

Dead Island 2 release date, gameplay trailer, story

It would be way too easy to make a joke about being back from the dead, so we won’t do that. Wait, or maybe we just did? Dead Island 2, the action RPG starring the living dead, was officially announced back in 2014, then it seemed to vanish into the ether. But now it’s back, we now have some more information and a possible Dead Island 2 release date.

Over time, the game has also changed developers several times, from the original developer Yager to Sumo Digital and, finally perhaps, to Dambuster Studio. Regardless, it’s time to look at everything we know about the zombie game’s return.

Let’s look at what happened at Gamescom and what has been confirmed about the game, including the Dead Island 2 release date, what we’ve seen of its gameplay, and what the story will entail.

Dead Island 2 release date

Publisher Deep Silver has confirmed Dead Island 2 is coming for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on April 21, 2023. Even though it was originally announced eight years ago, the game is still set in Los Angeles and will feature several real-life locations such as Beverly Hills and Venice Beach.

Dead Island 2 gameplay

We saw Dead Island 2 gameplay at Gamescom. You can find the trailer below.

Dead Island 2 story

The story goes that Los Angeles has been hit by a mysterious virus, which seems to turn inhabitants into zombies that are hungry for human flesh. Well, haven’t we heard something similar before? Anyway, you – one of those resistant to the pathogen – will be in charge of trying to rid the city from those pesky zombies and bring back order.

You can play one of six characters on a journey to clear the city of angels from the undead hordes.

Are you excited to finally be playing Dead Island 2 eight years after its original announcement? We sure are, but there’s still some time to wait, so in the meantime, we can have some multiplayer fun with Call of Duty and, well, some undead hunting in Vampire Survivors.