Jagged Alliance 3 crafting explained Character holding up a rifle

Jagged Alliance 3 crafting explained

As a strategic game, Jagged Alliance 3 does not shy away from presenting gritty realism in its gameplay, such as crafting your own ammo and explosives. But if you don’t understand this mechanic in the game clearly, then here is Jagged Alliance 3 crafting explained.

Crafting in the game is not very simple as it does have many moving parts that players need to consider first. However, once they understand this process, it will become quite easy.

So, read on about Jagged Alliance 3 crafting explained and we hope this guide helps you with your gameplay.

Jagged Alliance 3 crafting explained Characters involved in a gunfight

How to craft in Jagged Alliance 3

To begin the crafting process, you first need to have an Explosive Expert in your squad. Barry is the cheapest one you can have, especially if you are just starting the game. This is pretty important as without an Explosive Expert you cannot craft.

Then, you will need crafting resources such as gunpowder, parts, and materials to make ammo and explosives. Thus, you have to grind for them by liberating areas. Furthermore, crafting operations can only happen in bigger areas, so you at least have to liberate a village.

Crafting not only makes the game more immersive, but also gives the gameplay a dangerous edge. Players will constantly have to think about their resources. Once all of these above requirements are done, now you need to the following the steps below:

  • Open up the Strategic Map Screen.
  • Go to the Operations tab.
  • Select either Craft Ammo or Craft Explosives operations.
  • Select an Explosive Expert.
  • Pay $300 and craft the ammo and explosive of your choice.
  • Use your resources and add them to Queued Items
  • Your crafted ammo or explosive will be sent to your inventory once the required time is up.

This is how you basically craft ammo and explosives in the game. There are a lot of tasks you need to take care of before you can move ahead and actually start the process, so make sure you don’t miss any of those.

Another thing to keep in mind is that parts are the most valuable item. Be careful as you will need to acquire them a lot. When it comes to crafting, both ammo and explosives use a lot of parts. You can never be without.

This is all there is to know about crafting in Jagged Alliance 3. If you liked what you just read then do check our guides like Nloth Slay the Spire – is the gift worth it? and Trails from Zero Fishing for Ingredients – how to beat.