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Jagged Alliance 3 healing – how to treat wounds

In Jagged Alliance 3 you are the military commander of an elite mercenary squad. Managing and creating strategies for attack is your primary task, however, your team is bound to take hits from enemies and even suffer a lot of damage. here’s how Jagged Alliance 3 healing works.

This might seem like a common thing to know, but still there are tips and tricks about it. We definitely want to avoid our mercenaries biting the bullet. We spent so much time training them, no way we’re losing them.

By healing your team members, you also keep them ready for everything that is coming up next. Keep reading on and find out about the Jagged Alliance 3 healing process and survive.

Jagged Alliance 3 healing Character looking for loot

How to heal in Jagged Alliance 3

There are many ways to heal your mercenaries. You can choose to use a first aid kit, take them to a hospital or, well, just let time heal all wounds. Each options has its pros and cons.

First aid kits can be used at any time. They are in your backpack, but you need to either buy or find one. As a solution, you might choose to have a Medic on your team.

Medics always start with a First Aid Kit at their disposal and they also have high medical skills. Now select the mercenary you want to heal, order the medic to use the kit on them. This way, they will get healed right away, but their wounds won’t go away.

Another method is to take them to a hospital. They are only accessible in the areas you control and they also will cost a lot of money. I guess this game takes place in Italy or something?

Now if you want to remove wounds from your mercenaries then you will have to go with the Operations method. This can be done by going to the Operations tab from the Strategic Map screen and selecting the Treat Wounds option.

Finally, you can also use the most unconventional, but natural, method of time. You will notice that the wounds of your mercenaries, especially minor ones, will automatically heal as time passes by. This costs nothing of course, but isn’t time itself money?

These are all of the major ways you can heal in Jagged Alliance 3. If this was helpful then please check out our other articles such as Jagged Alliance 3 crafting explained and Exoprimal tips and tricks.