Exoprimal tips and tricks - exosuits

Exoprimal tips and tricks

Exoprimal is Capcom’s latest team-based shooting game that features high-tech suits and prehistoric monsters.The game has garnered a lot of attention and is being played by gamers worldwide. However, Exoprimal can be quite challenging as well. Players need to know some Exoprimal tips and tricks to beat the dinosaur horde.

We will cover everything from choosing the right Exosuit to understanding the game’s objectives. This is one thrilling game, with players are pitted against each other trying to complete objectives.

But no worries, we are here to help. Read on to find the best Exoprimal tips and tricks to get an edge in the game.

Exoprimal tips and tricks

Overall, we would recommend getting familiar with medals and understanding your exosuit. Here are some more tips and tricks in detail:

Understanding the Game’s Objectives

Exoprimal offers a variety of game modes, each with its own set of objectives. Players must grasp these objectives in order to achieve high scores. Take the Data Key challenge, for instance, where players must maintain close proximity to the data cube to advance it to the end zone. This game mode rewards Exosuits equipped with long-range attacks or the ability to safeguard the cube from incoming damage. 

Getting Familiar with the Medals

Exoprimal presents prestigious accolades to players based on their exceptional performance. These coveted medals, categorized by their vibrant hues, signify varying degrees of rarity. To amass a remarkable score, players must take careful note of the distinguished medals they have earned and strive to replicate their stellar achievements in future hard-fought battles. 

Playing to Your Exosuit’s Strengths

Each Exosuit within Exoprimal offers unique abilities, allowing players to adopt distinct strategies that align with their respective classes. It is essential for players to acquaint themselves with these suit abilities and skillfully utilize them to gain an advantageous edge. An in-depth understanding of each ability’s functionality and the ability to time and deploy them effectively during battles can yield profound outcomes. 

Equipping Modules

Modules are valuable equipment that players can enhance using BikCoin, the in-game currency. In order to activate and upgrade a module, players must access it in the hangar and spend BikCoin. These modules come with a range of advantageous perks, such as increased movement speed when the player’s health is low. 

Creating Chokepoints

Good chokepoints serve as a strategic way to channel the immense opposing forces into a more manageable size. Exoprimal offers players various effective techniques to create these choke points. Walls, tank shields, and the natural terrain all contribute to the formation of concentrated areas for tactical assaults. 

Switching Suits

Exoprimal introduces a refreshing approach by allowing players to effortlessly interchange exosuits during a match. Don’t hesitate to switch between suits if one doesn’t feel quite right. Seamlessly swap suits while anticipating the emergence of dinosaur portals at a Watcher’s waypoint.

That’s all for our tips and tricks guide. We hope you find this guide helpful. If so, please check out our other articles, such as Exoprimal Zephyr build and how to unlock Murasame.