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Exoprimal Zephyr build – best loadout

Exoprimal is a TPP shooter game with a unique online experience. Teams of mechs will do exciting battles against dinosaurs. The game starts off simple but becomes increasingly complex as you continue playing. In this article, we will explore the best Exoprimal Zephyr build for maximum efficiency.

The game features a customization system for the mechs that enhances their functionality in a match. Zephyr’s abilities are essential for success in Exoprimal, so it’s important to choose the right loadout to maximize your capabilities.

If you want to know the best Exoprimal Zephyr build, read on.

Best loadout for Zephyr in Exoprimal

To get the most out of Zephyr, you will need to level up your mech to level 14. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to choose the right modules to enhance your capabilities in battle. Here are the three modules that have proven to be the best for Zephyr:

Module 1: Z01 Assailer

The Z01 Assailer module is crucial for Zephyr players aiming to decrease the cooldown on their abilities. To effectively utilize this module, you must execute perfect combos. To initiate a perfect combo, simply perform your main attack twice and then patiently wait for a second until the suit flashes. Once the suit flashes, unleash another attack to execute a flawless combo. By successfully hitting enemies with this combo, the cooldown will be significantly reduced, granting you the opportunity to utilize Zephyr’s devastating kit with greater speed.

Module 2: Skyfall

The Skyfall module offers players the ability to deliver a powerful uppercut attack, instantly eliminating certain smaller adversaries. With this module equipped, players can swiftly and efficiently eliminate smaller enemies, ensuring rapid victory in any combat situation. This exceptional module is ideal for those seeking to dispatch smaller foes with speed and precision.

Module 3: Gust Step

The Gust Step module enhances your defensive capabilities when utilizing the dash ability, ensuring that you emerge unscathed even in situations where you may have misjudged the encounter and need to keep your distance from the crowd while waiting for your team. This module is ideal for players who prefer engaging in hit-and-run tactics, allowing for a seamless combination of quick strikes and strategic retreats.

With these loadouts at your disposal, you will possess the capability to effortlessly conquer your adversaries. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that there exists a multitude of alternate loadout options that you may contemplate based on your unique playstyle preferences.

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