The Bookwalker chapter four walkthrough Protagonist in space

The Bookwalker chapter four walkthrough – solve all puzzles

Lost your way trying to get your hands on Excalibur? How to open the door? All legitimate questions that we’ll come upon in the fourth book of the game. If you are stuck, then you need our guidance, so here comes The Bookwalker chapter four walkthrough and individual puzzles guide.

We’ll be exploring this mysterious space locations, lost in another book, trying to get items and get out in one piece. But where is King Arthur, we wonder?

Let’s leave our jokes in the past and dive into our The Bookwalker chapter four walkthrough.

How to repair the engine

First thing first, identify yourself with the Navigator then proceed to the engine room. After a brief cutscene, we’ll be tasked with repairs. What we need is first to get the access card from the cold dead hands of the previous acolyte. But it is melted, so we need repairs.

Go back to the corridor and use the card with the repair system, now our card works. Use the card with the first door in the corridor and enter. Examine the capsule and get the “faith” vessel. Now go back and examine the broken engine, the Navigator will tell you that the cooling system is broken. Go down the door to another corridor. Examine the cooling system, shut the valve and take the broken one, that we’ll have to replace.

Take the broken pipe to the repair system, just like we did with the card, and replace it in the cooling system and re-open the valve. Go back to the broken engine, interact with the Navigator to learn the prayer and ask to start the engine. They’ll ask to insert the flask vessel, do so and repeat the prayer. The engine will now start.

Where to find all prayers

Now go back to the elevator and access Earth. Pick up the access card on the floor to the right. Now enter the door to the left, get the Sacrifice prayer from the screen and another prayer from the capsule that opens. The next (Spirit prayer) will be through the door north, next to the bathrooms, which you’ll need to enter anyway to get another access card (useful to open rooms to get items, also on the lower deck).

You should have found fire extinguishers next to the elevator and in the hallway. Get both as you’ll need to extinguish fires in the round table room, in order to get another flask from the cryo capsule on fire. Another capsule will get you a tape reel. Use the flask in the hallway, to unlock more doors.

Gradually unlock each one, starting from the Armory where you’ll find the Voice Prayer on the cannon. There are some more items you might need, health restoring ones for example, but our next task will be opening the door in the Kitchen, the next room that can be unlocked.

How to open the door in the Kitchen

Since the door is frozen, the game again suggests to go ask your neighbors. Apparently your neighbor really likes you cause, even though we never gave back the sledgehammer, he’ll gladly lend the icepick. Take it and go back. Get some ice from the large block, just raise the pick over your head.

The ice will be needed to cool the hot cryo capsule in the round table room. Now get the faith flask. Use it inside the Armory on the cannon which we’ll have to deactivate, use the Sacrifice prayer when asked to choose one. Now go to the Infirmary and activate the wall panels, we need the middle and last one so we get a melted reel (which we’ll restore the usual way) and a syringe.

The syringe can be used to get another faith flask on the old man in the capsule, on the right in the round table room. Now you get all the flasks you might need. Now go to the back of the Armory room which is now open. Enter the shaft to go to the back of the library.

How to get Excalibur

Use the flask and then the Voice prayer on the machine in the back of the Library, which can now be used to listen to reels. The only one we need is the reel you have restored, which we can use to learn the final prayer, that of Strength. Now go to the elevator and ask to access the sword, with the last prayer.

Once there, the Navigator will ask you to change course. You can say no but that will trigger quite a difficult combat against it, so if you want to go that way make sure you are ready for it. Anyway, we’ll find ourselves with very little time to get the sword, so use the pickaxe and hurry. The sword is ours, so we can leave.

That’s all you need to complete the fourth book. If you are looking for more info on the game checkout our The Bookwalker chapter three walkthrough and our review.