Bookwalker chapter three walkthrough protagonist in library

The Bookwalker chapter three walkthrough – solve all puzzles

Lost your way trying to get into the school? Where is the wand? Those are all questions that we’ll come upon in the latest title by TinyBuild. . But if you are stuck, then you need some help, so here comes our The Bookwalker chapter three walkthrough and individual puzzles guide.

We’ll be exploring many locations, while lost in books, trying to get items and get out in one piece. Easier said than done, right?

Let’s not waste any more time and dive into our The Bookwalker chapter three walkthrough.

How to enter the school

We’ll start in front of the school’s receptionist, which won’t let us in without a “good reason”. Take a look at the board on your right and talk to the guy while you’re there. What we are looking for are the school’s job postings, where we’ll find one for a janitor.

You can go outside, but that’s not required. Talk to the receptionist and tell her you’re there for the job, she’ll definitely believe us and get us a broom and mop to do our job. Now comes the actual cleaning part. Go in the bathroom, fill up the bucket and get to clean the shelves in the room next to the bathroom. Only after cleaning everything, she’ll let you through the school.

Where is the missing student?

When you enter the other room, after a conversation with the Dean, the wand will get stolen. Now we’ll have to find it again, among talks of many suspicious people such as the student who ran away. While you can ask around for clues, you’ll actually find the missing student outside the school, among the boxes.

If the movers are giving you trouble and don’t want to fight them, threaten them with the headmaster’s task. After that, we can keep quiet about finding him or just rattle him out. Same as other choices, like with the students who want to prank the poor professor.

Solving the dead in the walls

Among the many things you’ll hear, it will be about the dead in the walls. What’s that about? To find out, go to the room at the end of the main hall, one of the student rooms to find a girl sitting on her bed. She’ll begin acting strange, to find out what’s going we’ll need to go back to reality to find a fire extinguisher for the fireplace.

First try to put out the fire with a bucket of water. After that, it will be time to go ask the neighbors for the key to the locked cabinet in the storage, then getting the fire extinguisher and go back to the book. Extinguish, go through the fireplace and in a matter of minutes you’ll be into a fight with the dead. Shouldn’t be too hard, deal with them quickly.

Where to get alcohol for the student

The next quest we’ll find in the student rooms will be about getting a bottle of alcohol for a student, don’t worry he’s way older than he seems. First you need to go talk to the old headmaster, who is in the last room on the left, in the upper floor. Mention you need a little something and he’ll tell you how to access his secret stash in the basement.

Go down there to get the bottle of wine. If you imprisoned the professor you’ll need to get a lockpick, otherwise the professor himself will give you the key. Then use the lantern as the old wizard said and get behind the wall for that bottle of wine. Take it back to the student and he’ll give you the painting.

Where are the five candles?

Now, we need to help the missing teacher. Well, actually we only need to find him, helping him with his illness it’s not necessary. But we’ll have to light five candles, with the lighter he will leave for us in front of the locked door in the upper floor. The five candles will be in the teachers room, the headmaster’s room, the class on the left, class on the right and the near storage room.

Light them, get in the “candle door” and talk with the teacher to find out he’s not the one who stole the wand. After that, you should get news that the thief has been in found and he’s in the attic. Not much you can do here to prevent the cracking of the wand in two, so just go ahead with it and complete the chapter.

That’s all you need for the Bookwalker chapter three walkthrough. Check back for more information, such as the chapter one and chapter two walkthrough.