Lies of P Alidoro choice - Venigni or Krat explained Character talking to a dog person

Lies of P Alidoro choice – Venigni or Krat explained

Alidoro is a strange dog mask-wearing merchant who you will encounter at the top of Chapter 4’s St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. After you talk to him, you will get two options: tell him to go to the Hotel Krat or to Venigni Works for future visits. This is important as you will need Alidoro to acquire Boss weapons and items. These weapons and items are really strong and useful, so having easy access to Alidoro will make all the difference. So, this article will explain which choice you should make regarding Alidoro in Lies of P.

Alidoro can craft boss weapons and items with the help of boss Ergos. Thus, Alidoro becomes a crucial part of leveling up your loadout and becoming more skilled. These boss items will make you a better fighter, and you will be able to defeat major bosses more easily.

Keep reading to find out which choice you should make for Alidoro in Lies of P, what is going to happen?

Lies of P Alidoro choice - Venigni or Krat explained Character standing next to a dog person

Where to send Alidoro

You should choose Hotel Krat. The reason is that Hotel Krat is the main hub of the game and arguably the most easy to access. Moreover, if Alidoro stays in this area, you will be able to also approach other important characters such as Sophia, who is really important for the main story, Polendina, a merchant with a lot of useful items, and Eugénie, who can help you with weapon upgradation.

There are a lot of useful characters in Hotel Krat, and having Alidoro nearby will just make everything more efficient. Moreover, you will be visiting Hotel Krat a lot more than Venigni Works.

It is just not that practical to have Alidoro stay separately from the other characters. Venigni himself stays at Hotel Krat, so this option makes more sense.

If you still choose the Venigni Works option, you are essentially deceiving Alidoro. And if you keep lying to them, they will soon recognize it and make their way to Hotel Krat inevitable. So, the choice is more about your humanity.

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