Payday 3 vault code - decoding the code

Payday 3 vault code – no rest for the wicked guide

In Payday 3, the No Rest for the Wicked heist presents a unique challenge for players who prefer a stealthy approach. While going loud in heists may seem straightforward, the stealth option requires more complexity and strategic thinking. This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining the vault code in Payday 3’s No Rest for the Wicked heist, allowing you to complete the mission and reap the rewards.

Mastering the stealthy approach in this quest requires a combination of careful planning, effective communication, and precise execution.

Read on to find out how to get the vault code in Payday 3’s No Rest for the Wicked heist.

How to get the vault code in No Rest for the Wicked in Payday 3

To gain access to the vault in Payday 3’s No Rest for the Wicked heist, you need to follow a specific sequence of steps. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • Locate the High-Level Executive: The first step is to find a high-level executive, the one with access to the vault. The executive can be found in either the Manager’s Office on the first floor or the photocopier room on the second floor. If you’re unsure about the photocopier room’s location, head to the main stairway door. Go up to the second floor and look for a camera. The door to the photocopier room is right next to it.
  • Use the High-Level Executive: Once you’ve located the high-level executive, take them hostage and bring them to the vault. Use the designated key, typically the Shove key, to interact with the eye scanner next to the vault door. This action will grant you access to the manager’s computer.
  • Find the Manager’s Computer: The manager’s computer is crucial for obtaining the vault code. You can find it either in the Manager’s Office or in a meeting room. Interact with the computer twice to retrieve a list of four possible codes, with only one of them being correct.
  • Deduce the Correct Vault Code: To determine the correct code, approach the vault’s keypad. Then and use a UV light to reveal several numbers with fingerprints. These fingerprints correspond to the correct code, and you must deduce the correct combination based on the displayed numbers.
  • Open the Vault: Once you have deduced the correct code, input it into the vault’s keypad. If the code is correct, the vault will open, granting you access to the valuable contents within.

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