Payday 3 flash drive - Inetarcting the computer

Where is the flash drive in payday 3? – Under the Surphaze

In Payday 3’s thrilling Under The Surphaze heist, players are tasked with stealing the valuable Uma Ladetta painting from an art gallery. However, to bypass the high-level security protecting the painting, you will need to find a USB flash drive. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to locate the flash drive in Payday 3.

This flash drive contains the necessary data to disable the security measures surrounding the painting. Without it, you won’t be able to complete the mission and escape with the valuable artwork.

Read on to find out where to find the flash drive in Payday 3.

Where is the flash drive in the Under The Surface Heist in Payday 3

To begin your search for the flash drive, you must first locate the Manager’s Office within the art gallery. The office is situated on the second floor, tucked away in one of the back hallways. Make your way there either by using the staircase or by climbing through a window from outside.

Once inside the Manager’s Office, you’ll see a computer. Interact with the computer and read the email, which provides vital information about the flash drive’s whereabouts. The email reveals that the flash drive is stored within a safe hidden behind a false wall.

To unlock the safe and retrieve the flash drive, you will need to complete a mini-dial game. Turn around and examine the back wall of the Manager’s Office. You will notice a false wall, which, when interacted with, reveals the safe. Follow the instructions given by the mini-dial game to successfully unlock the safe.

While searching for the flash drive, look for a phone in the Manager’s Office that contains a QR code. This QR code is essential for unlocking the exhibition rooms within the art gallery. Finding and scanning the QR code will grant you access to additional areas and potentially valuable loot.

Once you have successfully located and obtained the flash drive, it’s time to put it to use. Explore the gallery until you find the Uma Ladetta painting. You can find the painting in one of the exhibition rooms, but its specific location is randomized with each playthrough.

Maximize the rewards

While your primary objective is to steal the Uma Ladetta painting, don’t forget to loot as many other paintings as possible to maximize your rewards. The art gallery is filled with valuable artwork waiting to be collected. Take advantage of the opportunity to increase your profits and make the heist even more lucrative

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