Hollow Knight Charm combos - fighting the enemy

Hollow Knight charm combos – the best ones

Hollow Knight is a beloved 2D game that offers players a challenging world to explore. To succeed in this treacherous realm, players must equip their character, the Knight, with powerful charms that enhance their abilities. Hollow Knight charm combos can make all the difference in surviving the dangers of Hallownest and defeating those hard to beat bosses.

From defensive strategies to offensive prowess, these charm combinations will help you navigate the intricate web of Hallownest with style and efficiency.

So, without any further ado, let’s talk about the best Hollow Knight charm combos.

Best charm combos in Hollow Knight

Here is a thorough explanation of the best charm combination to use in the game to get an edge over your enemies:

Dream Shield + Dream Weaver + Grubberfly’s Elegy + Grubsong, Weaversong + Sprintmaster

For those who prefer a magical approach to combat, this combination is perfect. By combining Dream Shield, Dream Weaver, Grubberfly’s Elegy, Grubsong, Weaversong, and Sprintmaster, you can transform your Knight into a formidable spellcaster. This combination allows you to defend yourself from close-range enemies while launching devastating spells from a distance.

Soul Eater + Soul Catcher + Spell Twister + Shaman Stone

If you wish to become a spellcasting powerhouse, the Spell Blaster charm combination is the one for you. By combining Soul Eater, Soul Catcher, Spell Twister, and Shaman Stone, you can charge a spell with just one hit and unleash devastating magical attacks. 

Quick Slash + Long Nail + Nail Master’s Glory + Fragile/Unbreakable Strength

This combination is all about maximizing your Knight’s strength and speed. By combining Quick Slash, Long Nail, Nail Master’s Glory, and Fragile/Unbreakable Strength, you become an unstoppable force. This combination allows for customization while providing significant boosts to your Knight’s attack power.

Baldur Shell + Shape of Unn + Quick Focus

For players who find themselves struggling to identify the opportune moment to heal amidst the chaos of a boss battle, this combination proves to be an ideal solution. However, it’s important to note that this build lacks any offensive stat buffs, which means players will need to rely on their skills to fully utilize its potential.

Grimmchild + Weaversong + Sprintmaster + Grubsong + Glowing Womb + Defender’s Crest + Spore Shroom

If you prefer having companions by your side, this particular charm combination is ideal. By combining Grimmchild, Grubsong, Glowing Womb, Weaversong, Sprintmaster, Defender’s Crest, and Spore Shroom, you can summon an entire army of minions to fight alongside you. While this combination drains the soul quickly, the presence of your loyal minions can offset the need for constant healing.

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