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Saints Row wingsuit – how to use it

Are you already knee-deep into playing Saints Row and having fun with the crazy open-world gameplay? We definitely are, this new chapter brings back all the great features of the past titles while adding an entirely new layer of more realistic weapons and story. But some people are wondering how to get and use the Saints Row wingsuit?

Moving around in Saints Row is always one of the more important things to learn since many missions will definitely be about getting from point A to point B in as little time as possible. And while it is fun to just drive around in cars or on motorbikes, it is definitely even better to use some… well, alternative methods of transportation.

So, if you’ve been playing Saints Row and scratching your head for how to get and use the Saints Row wingsuit, we’ll explain it right away.

Saints Row – How to get and use the wingsuit

In order to get your grubby hands on the wingsuit in Saints Row, you’ll first need to complete the first introductory mission. After that, lo and behold, the wingsuit will show up already in your inventory. But then, what to do with it? How can we use it to our advantage and fly around like a low-budget Batman made in China?

Well, the good news is that said wingsuit will deploy itself automatically, in case of need, but there are three main ways to use it. Jumping from the roof of a car will be the main way, the wingsuit will open up. Secondly, and logically, the suit will also prevent you from dying while jumping from a great height, like from a building or plane. Finally, using one of the Weather Stations, you can make your character jump up in the air and can see the suit open.

Once you’re up in the air, in the wingsuit, you can use a shoulder button to kick someone and land on your own two feet, or – if you’re feeling adventurous – try also landing on a car and go along with the ride, feeling a bit like a late John Wick.

I hope this cleared up how to use the wingsuit, for other information on the game be sure to check out our other Saints Row guides.