How to liberate all the cats in Mineko's Night Market - player walking with the cats following them.

Mineko’s Night Market – liberate the cats puzzle guide

Let’s go through how to liberate the cats in all locations in Mineko’s Night Market that have been kidnapped by agents. This is one of the main story quests in the game and you’ll need to travel around the map. There are kidnapped cats in almost every location and you’ll need to find all of them. To help you out, this guide will go through all cat locations in the five main story quests so that you can progress in the game. Let’s go through every location in turn.

How to liberate all the cats in Mineko's Night Market - free the cats at the Gardens with the radio puzzle.

Liberate the cats in The Gardens in Mineko’s Night Market

In the Gardens, there are five cats. Here’s how to liberate all of them:

CatLocationHow to liberate
Cat #1Near the entrance, at the sand pitsGet the radio behind the agents and play classical music. They will fall asleep and you can free the cat easily.
Cat #2Top-left of the GardensThere are three agents around the cage. At some point, they all stand and look away from the box, so that’s your timing to rush in and free the cat.
Cat #3Top-right, near the bridgeWait until the two agents blocking the bridge look away, cross the bridge, and free the cat.
Cat #4Bottom-right of the areaPick up the magazine (needed for the fifth cat) next to the agent reading by the tree without disturbing the agent. From the tree, wait until the other two agents look away and run to free the cat quickly.
Cat #5From the Cat #1 location, head straight up and left of the pondInteract with the tree stump and leave the magazine there. Wait until the agent goes to read the magazine and free the cat.

Liberate the cats in The Birch Forest

In the Birch Forest, there are seven cats and here’s how to liberate them in Mineko’s Night Market. If you can’t access this area yet, buy the Paper Axe from Hank’s Tool Shop.

CatLocationHow to liberate
Cat #1Next to the entranceWait for the agent to look away and free the cat.
Cat #2After the entrance gateStand behind the rock next to the agent. When he looks away, free the cat.
Cat #3Follow the path to the rightWait for the agent on the bike to move past you and run to save the cat.
Cat #4Follow the path to the top-right cornerWait for the right timing and free the cat when the agents aren’t looking.
Cat #5Keep heading right while following the pathAgain, wait for the agent to stop looking and go for it.
Cat #6At the crossroads, turn left and follow the pathStand left of the agent. When he looks around, run and save the cat.
Cat #7Follow the path on the top left sideHide behind the stone lantern until the agent with the bike goes past you and make a run for it.

Liberate the cats in The Docks

There are four cats in The Docks area. You can access the Docks in Mineko’s Night Market after buying a Fishing Rod from Hank’s Tool Shop. Before starting, make sure you have at least 150 coins since you’ll need to bribe the agents with food.

Before starting, talk to the guy sitting next to the bus stop and offer to take his job. This is how you get the Delivery Outfit, which will allow you to talk to the agents.

For this area, the agents are easy to find. Here are their favorite foods:

  • Agent #1 – Curry to Go
  • Agent #2 – Sushi to Go
  • Agent #3 – Curry to Go
  • Agent #4 – Yakisoba to Go

If you have enough money, buy all four foods at once. Alternatively, do them one at a time since each agent will pay you after getting their meal.

How to liberate all the cats in Mineko's Night Market - player standing next to the large cat statue.

Liberate the cats in The Dark Forest in Mineko’s Night Market

There are six cats in The Dark Forest. To access this area, buy the Wood Axe from Hank’s Tool Shop.

CatLocationHow to liberate
Cat #1From the entrance, take the left pathHide in the trees next to the agent and free the cat once he passes by.
Cat #2Head up, ignore the first agent and cat you’ll find, and then follow the path southSneak by the sleeping agent, free the cat, and keep sneaking to escape.
Cat #3Keep heading downPass the first agent while hugging the treeline on the right, free the cat, and repeat the same for the second agent.
Cat #4Follow the path southwestInteract with the lantern to blow it out and free the cat once the agent leaves. Also, pick up the Walkie Talkie from the agent once he leaves.
Cat #5Head left and go around to find the agent you ignored at the Cat #2 locationWhile near him, use the Walkie Takie from Cat #4 and select ‘Hello?’.
Cat #6From the entrance, go straight up and follow the wooden planks on the floorDodge the agents as they’re walking around the lake and free the cat.

Liberate the cats in The Caves

Last but not least, there are six cats by The Caves. To go to the Caves, buy the Pickaxe from Hank’s Tool Shop.

CatLocationHow to liberate
Cat #1Follow the path, pass the two agents, and turn leftDodge the agent in front of you, and you’ll find the first cat shortly after. Save the cat and turn back to the area where you turned left.
Cat #2From the fork where you turned left, go rightAvoid the agent going in circles, and you’ll find the cat on the top right side.
Cat #3Go up the pathBe careful of the agent coming down and free the cat afterward.
Cat #4Follow the path until you find a narrow opening to the leftHead left, hide behind the rock between the two agents, and when there’s an opening, run past them and head left. Free the cat there.
Cat #5From the last cat, head left, and in the next area, take the path upwards.Avoid the two agents going back and forth in an L pattern and save the cat.
Cat #6Follow the path downwardsThe last cat is right in front of you while following the path toward the bottom left corner of the area.

This sums up our liberate the cats puzzle quest guide in Mineko’s Night Market. Check each area in turn and practice precise movement and timing to avoid all the agents. Some areas are harder than others but with enough practice, you’ll be able to complete them all. For more quest guides, here’s how to bring peace to the garden in Mineko’s Night Market and the best items to sell at the night market.

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