Fae Farm Crops guide – how to get them all Character standing in the middle of a farm

Fae Farm Crops guide – how to get them all

Becoming a farmer in Fae Farm is an obvious thing to pursue, but the sheer number of crops that you can grow can easily overwhelm you. Furthermore, the devs have made sure that the farming mechanics for this game are very different from any other farming sim out there. So, you will need to understand how everything works before you can maximize your earnings with your farm and how you can get all the crops in Fae Farm.

This article will help out with this by providing a simple guide for crops in Fae Farm.
Knowing how to get all the crops in this game will make your farm more efficient. You will also be able to find out which crops you prefer to grow and design your farm accordingly.

Keep reading to find out all about the crops in Fae Farm and how you can get them all.

Fae Farm Crops guide – how to get them all Characters talking to each other

How to get all the crops in Fae Farm?

You begin farming by buying the base crops. You can buy them from Holly, and you can find her at the Town Center.

The following are all the base crops you can purchase from her:

  • Turnip — 5 Gold Florin
  • Cauliflower — 6 Gold Florin
  • Bean — 12 Gold Florin
  • Potato — 10 Gold Florin and Farming Level 10 to unlock
  • Corn — 15 Gold Florin and Farming Level 15 to unlock
  • Pepper — 20 Gold Florin and Farming Level 20 to unlock

These are all the base crops you can buy in this game, and to get other types of crops, you won’t need seeds but instead a special type of fertilizer called Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer.

Using Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer

This fertilizer can also be bought from Holly for 50 Gold Florin and you will need to be at least Farming Level 3 to unlock it. You can also craft it with your Garden Bench, and you will require the following materials:

  • Ammonite x1
  • Mulch x1
  • Frog Sweat x1

When you use the Magic Swap Fertilizer on your base crops, it will transform them into some type of seasonal crop. Remember, you will need to first plant the base crops in the soil bed, water them, and then put this fertilizer on them.

But how do you determine what type of crops you are going to get? Well, let’s go into the topic of Seasonal Crops.

Fae Farm Crops guide – how to get them all Character planting seeds

Seasonal Crops in Fae Farm

There are different seasonal varieties of soil beds that you can craft and grow crops in. Keep in mind that the crops will transform according to the season you are growing them in or according to the seasonal soil bed they are planted in. The following are all the seasonal soil beds you can get:

  • Spring Soil Bed
  • Summer Soil Bed
  • Autumn Soil Bed
  • Winter Soil Bed
  • Fae Soil Bed

Now, just plant the base crops in these seasonal soil beds and use the Magic Swap Fertilizers to get the seasonal crops. The following are all the seasonal crops you can get:


  • Turnips — Carrot
  • Cauliflower — Artichoke
  • Beans — Eggplant
  • Potato — Onion
  • Corn — Wheat
  • Pepper — Tomato


  • Turnips — Radish
  • Cauliflower — Asparagus
  • Beans — Sugar Peas
  • Potato — Leek
  • Corn — Rice
  • Pepper — Cucumber


  • Turnips — Beet
  • Cauliflower — Red Cabbage
  • Beans — Pumpkin
  • Potato — Garlic
  • Corn — Oats
  • Pepper — Tomatillo


  • Turnips — Fennel
  • Cauliflower — Broccoli
  • Beans — Acorn Squash
  • Potato — Jewel Yam
  • Corn — Rye
  • Pepper — Chili Pepper


  • Turnip — Frost Beet
  • Cauliflower — Flame Heart
  • Beans — Magic Beans
  • Potato — Azure Spud
  • Corn — Candy Corn
  • Pepper — Crystal Pepper

This is how you get all the crops in this game. It is not always guaranteed that transformation will happen with the Swap Fertilizer, but the chances of it working are always high. And yes, you can turn the seasonal crops into seeds with your Garden Bench.

You can also get Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer from Asphodel in the Fae Realm. And finally, all your crops will die at the start of every season.

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