Fae Farm Festivals guide – everything you need to know Characters surrouding another character

Fae Farm Festivals guide – everything you need to know

Seasonal festivals are a great way to get special items in Fae Farm. The in-game time passes by pretty fast, and you will be able to enjoy a variety of seasons, and with them, residents of Azoria celebrate each of them with festivals. So, if you are someone who loves to get into the seasonal spirit, then this article will provide you with a guide for festivals in Fae Farm.

Many shopkeepers will have season-specific items that you will have to grind for but don’t worry about it, as a new seasonal festival will come by pretty fast. Many areas will also be decorated, so be sure to explore as much as you can during this time.

Keep reading to find out all about festivals in Fae Farm, and enjoy the amazing seasonal items.

Fae Farm Festivals guide – everything you need to know Character talking to a shopkeeper

Festivals in Fae Farm explained

There are currently five different festivals in Fae Farm. Each of them brings in new items and quests that you can look forward to. Let’s learn about them in more detail.

Petal Bloom Festival

On spring 23rd, go and meet with Mayor Merritt and finish her quest. This is going to be the beginning of the Petal Bloom Festival. On the 28th of Spring, you can find decorations in the town hall. You will be able to access new dialogues and a special festival store as well.

The following are all the items that you get during this time:

  • Spring Outfit — 1,000 Gold, 3x Cotton Fabric, and 3x Ivory Lily
  • Petal Print Flooring — 100 Gold, 1 Pink Tulip, and 1x Clay Brick
  • Vibrant Green Palette — 1,000 Gold, 30x Yellow Lily, and 30x Blue Hyacinth
  • Trellis — 250 Gold
  • Sunflower Vase — 450 Gold
  • Spring Festival Rug — 200 Gold
  • Flower Cart — 450 Gold
  • Bunny Ears — 500 Gold, 3x Cotton Fabric, and 3x Pink Rose
  • Rose — 100 Gold and 1x Red Rose
  • Spring Braid — 200 Gold, 3z Cotton Fabric and 3x Orange Lily

Hook and Line Festival

Do you like fishing? Well, you have to, as this festival is all about fishing. On the 24th, go talk to Eddy. Catch 12 saltwater fish for him and then 5 steamed fish. He will give you an apple. Keep it if you want to grow an apple tree. Check out the town hall on the 28th of Summer; you will see the decorations and access the Hook and Line Shop.

The following are all the items you can get during this season:

  • Bear Ears — 2,500 Gold, 3x Cotton Fabric, and 1x Bullhead
  • Summer Outfit — 1,000 Gold, 5x Cotton Fabric, 1x Black Carp
  • Bandana — 200 Gold, 3x Silk, 1x Turbot,
  • Vibrant Teal Palette — 1,000 Gold, 30x Teal Rose, and 3x Spiny Puffer
  • Whiskers — 100 Gold, and 1x Herring
  • Tide Pool Rug — 200 Gold
  • Fish Vase — 450 Gold
  • Fishing Gear — 250 Gold
  • Fish Lamp — 450
  • Beach Flooring — 100 Gold, 1x Albacore and 20x Sand
  • Beach Vibe Wallpaper — 100 Gold
Fae Farm Festivals guide – everything you need to know Character ruinning up to a door

Seed and Soil Festival

This festival begins on the 28th of Autumn. You can talk to Holly on the 23rd and harvest 12 crops for her. Once you do this, you will get Pumpkin Seeds. Then, get her a Hearty salad, and for that, you will get some Acorn Squash seeds from her.

During this festival, go to the seasonal shop and get the following items:

  • Giant Pumpkin — 450 Gold
  • Harvest Wheel Barrow — 450 Gold
  • Haystack — 250 Gold
  • Vibrant Orange Palette — 1,000 Gold, 30x Orange Zinnia and 30x Apricot
  • Seed and Soil Wallpaper — 250 Gold
  • Snout — 100 Gold and 1 Beet
  • Autumn Festival Rug — 200 Gold
  • Fox Ears — 500 Gold, 3x Wool Fabric and 1x Red Cabbage
  • Autumn Hat — 200 Gold, 3x Wool Fabric and 1x Garlic
  • Leaf Pile Flooring — 100 Gold, 20x Mulch and 1x Apple
  • Autumn Outfit — 1,000 Gold, 5x Wool Fabric and 1x Pumpkin

Fae Festival

This festival happens on the 14th of Winter. You can go to the Fae Realm and talk to Zido. Collect 12 Fae Realm Critters for him and you will get a Zoom Portion. Then, on the day of the festival, visit the Town hall, access the seasonal shop, and enjoy the items below:

  • Fae Pillar — 450 Gold
  • Elf Hat — 200 Gold, 3x Silk and 1x Snowflake
  • Fae Arch — 250 Gold
  • Vibrant Violet Palette — 1,000 Gold, 30x Violet Tulip and 3x Blob Globs
  • Faerie Rug — 200 Gold
  • Fae Bench — 450 Gold
  • Faerie Gates Wallpaper — 250 Gold
  • Fancy Fae Fest Outfit — 1,000 Gold, 5x Silk, and 3x Fae Dust
  • Faerie Flooring — 100 Gold, 1x Stone Brick and 1x Stone Grains
  • Unicorn Horn — 500 Gold, 1x Polished Amethyst and 1x Amber
  • Leaf — 100 Gold and 1x Nectar
Fae Farm Festivals guide – everything you need to know Character standing in front of a shop

Warmth Heart Festival

Go talk to Frida in the Inn on the 23rd, and then make her dishes and get butter as a reward. And finish the second part of this quest, which is to deliver Jumbleberry to her for some Sugar. On the 28th of Winter, this festival will begin. Visit the town hall and go to the seasonal shop to get all the new items.

The following are all that you can purchase during this season:

  • Winter Wonderland Wallpaper — 250 Gold
  • Winter Hat — 200 Gold, 3x Wool Fabric and 1x Deluxe Fruit Tart
  • Winter Festival Rug — 200 Gold
  • Vibrant Emerald Palette — 1,000 Gold, 30x White Rose and 3x Spaghetti Primavera
  • Snowflake Ice Sculpture — 450 Gold
  • Snowbuddy — 450 Gold
  • Carrot Nose — 100 Gold and 1x Tuber Salad
  • Decorative Books — 230 Gold
  • Kitty Ears — 500 Gold, 3x Wool Fabric, 1x Salmon in a Blanket
  • Cherry Basketweave Flooring — 100 Gold, 1x Ancient Lumber and 1x Country Bread
  • Winter Outfit — 1,000 Gold, 5x Wool Fabric and 1x Baked Mac & Cheese

These seasons will keep coming and going, so stress out about not getting all of the items. Furthermore, currently, players are encountering a bug with the Fae Festival quest, so you don’t have to do it.

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