Disney Dreamlight Valley cucumber – how to get the item

Disney Dreamlight Valley cucumber – how to get the item

Many of us once in our lives have wished to get cucumber, right? I mean, sometimes we just feel alone and abandoned and cucumber would be all we wanted. Ok enough jokes, we’re here to help players of the Disney game to get the precious vegetable. So, let us see how to get some nice Disney Dreamlight Valley cucumber.

First things first, you might want to try and unlock as many areas as possible, especially those where we can find Goofy’ stall. Our main man will definitely be of help in our search for cucumbers, a precious little vegetable that will come in handy in making several different recipes, like the Tasty Salad.

Let us see how to get some Disney Dreamlight Valley cucumber and how to use it in the game so you don’t have to wander around wondering what on earth you’re supposed to do with it.

How to get cucumber in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The easiest way to get cucumber is by spending quite some Dreamlight currency. You might want to unlock as soon as possible Goofy’s stall in Frosted Heights. To do so, first, the player needs to spend 3.000 Dreamlight to remove the thorns that can be seen going east from the Forest of Valor.

After that, feel free to explore the area until you find that you are blocked again by thorns, you can see them going northeast. To remove them, it’s another 10.000 Dreamlight currency, unfortunately. But that places us closer to the goal, then buy Goofy’s stall for another 4000 Dreamlight to unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley cucumber seeds.

Just buy some seeds, plant them and then wait for the hour and fifteen minutes required for the cucumbers to pop out. As mentioned, cucumbers can be used in recipes such as Kappa Maki, Tasty Salad, Gazpacho and Mediterranean Salad.

We hope this guide was useful in helping you get some of those pesky cucumbers, but feel free to take a look at our other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides.