lies of p level up the player character stares down someone important

Lies of P level-up – how to do it

The Soulslike genre continues to expand in gaming and fans can’t get enough of them, despite their hardships. Due to its difficulty, fans want to know how to use the Lies of P level-up system to improve.

Fans are currently enjoying the game’s demo and exploring its creepy world, but its enemies can easily kill them. Leveling up is an essential part of a souls-like game so wanting to get there quickly makes sense.

So, here’s how to activate the Lies of P level-up system so that players can proceed to kill more.

How to use the Lies of P level-up system

What you need to know is that, in order to level up your character you will have to wait until you meet Sophia in the story. Although not as convenient as a bonfire, Sophia being in the game’s hub base ensures some relaxation.

In order to level up, players will have to talk to Sophia twice. One time after the cutscene where you meet here and then another time to level up. The option quickly appears mid-conversation so players can get to business right away.

After that, players can choose which stats to level up, depending on the kind of build they want. Those that want to kill everyone up close and personal can choose strength. Others might want to work on their technique or motivity (or strength).

Since this is only the demo, players can only get so far grinding up and going back to Sophia. With the game not coming out until September, fans can just enjoy their small time with this demo. Having a cool world to explore is always neat, especially one that uses Pinocchio as a basis.

Even with the short length, players can at least try out various builds and see what they like. Let’s hope what they make is enough to withstand the darkness in this upcoming game.

That’s how you get stronger in this fairy tale-esque souls like. For more creepy stuff, here’s how to deal with rats in Amnesia: The Bunker and all you need to know about Payday 3.