amnesia the bunker rats pests swarm a corpse while the player watches

Amnesia: The Bunker rats – what to do with them

Rats are already annoying to deal with in real life so taking them on in games is just as annoying. The Amnesia: The Bunker rats are especially annoying since this is a game where resources are in short supply.

Just like in real life, there are a multitude of ways to deal with these pests but they have consequences. Not always big ones but if players aren’t careful they can run out of items or attract The Beast.

So, here’s how to deal with Amnesia: The Bunker rats in the most resourceful way possible.

How to deal with Amnesia: The Bunker rats

Out of all the different ways to get rid of those pests, we would say the best way to deal with the rats is with the wind-up flashlight. Unlike other methods, the flashlight can recharge and won’t make enough noise to attract The Beast. It does have limits but this can be the primary method to deal with these rats.

Players can also use a torch or a makeshift one but those can drain players of limited resources. While these are pretty useful, it’s better if players use the flashlight first and use these for emergencies.

Another way that uses resources is scaring these animals by shooting your gun, which can lead to bad things. Obviously, this can attract the attention of The Beast and we think players need to avoid that monster.

Hilariously, if players are smart, they can actually have The Beast kill all of the rats if they so wish. Use whatever loud or fire-based weapons to attract The Beast and quickly hide. If The Beast doesn’t spot you, it will kill most of the rats in your area.

Finally, players can simply take another route if they are low on resources. However, there are some scenarios where rats won’t budge, so players will need to deal with them.

That’s how you deal with rats in this game. For more on Amnesia: The Bunker, here’s where to get the bunny and bolt cutters.