amnesia the bunker communications key two enemies get ready to kill the player

Amnesia: The Bunker communications key – arsenal door explained

It can be relieving to know that a solution to a horror game won’t need a key or important item. That’s how fans will feel when finding the Amnesia: The Bunker communications key since players can actually get it immediately.

Granted, it’s going to take some time because this game is all about horror and exploration so it takes time. Veteran players of the series will know this already but those who are starting with this can get lost easily.

Without further ado, here’s where players can find the Amnesia: The Bunker communications key and where it takes them.

Where is the Amnesia: The Bunker communications key?

Players will need this item to get to the Arsenal Code and they can do it without a key item. For those that want it immediately, they can just keep searching every bunker until they find the communications key.

Clearly that is not the most efficient way to finid the key card. So, for those that don’t want to spend minutes simply searching every bunker, here’s a much quicker way to do it:

  • Head to the Security room on the right of the locked Communications room
  • Go through the Security room either with an explosive or a brick
  • Now head to the Clerk’s office at the entrance of the Soldier’s Quarters where you can find the map
  • Break through the Clerk’s office door with a brick or explosive
  • Go to the shelf on the left of the entrance where you’ll find a photo that shows which bunker has the key

Unfortunately, there isn’t a set name for which bunker has the communications key, as the game randomizes some of the elements related to the puzzle. Just follow our guide and you should be able to find it.

Once players have the key, they can go back to the Communications room and eventually get the arsenal code. From then on, it is definitely smooth sailing.

That’s what we know about getting this key item that doesn’t need too many requirements. For more Amnesia: The Bunker, here’s how to deal with rats and find the bunny doll.