amnesia the bunker bunny an important stuffed toy

Amnesia: The Bunker bunny – how to get it

Some items in horror games might seem useless at first but they can end up helping more than you know. This is why players need the cute Amnesia: The Bunker bunny, as this stuffed boy is extremely useful later on.

It’s always amusing to see items like these end up in horror games, especially if they have a major use. Obviously, this children’s toy is no exception as it can literally save your life later, which is kind of amazing.

Here’s how to get Amnesia: The Bunker bunny and why players need it for the endgame.

Where to find Amnesia: The Bunker bunny

How to get this fluffy character? Players need to head back to the crater where they first encounter Lambert in the prologue to get the bunny. Thankfully, this isn’t the hardest thing to do in the game so players should be able to get through this.

Simply go to the Roman Tunnels, break through the door, get the detonator handle, then look to the left. A shining hole will appear and players can crawl through it after moving some rubble blocking the way.

Crawl through the hole and players will end up in the aforementioned crater where Lambert was in the prologue. Go to the lake and head right, where the bunny toy will make itself appear. Don’t forget to pick up Lambert’s dog tag and then get the toy for an achievement.

Beyond achievements and collectibles, this item plays a crucial part in the game’s final encounter with The Beast. Players will be able to use this toy to distract The Beast for quite a bit so they can escape. Whether you want the first or second ending, having this doll is crucial for getting to the end.

That’s everything players need to know about getting this hilariously useful toy in a very creepy horror game. For more Amnesia: The Bunker, here are the endings explained and how to save the prisoner.