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Amnesia: The Bunker endings explained – what are they?

Horror games with multiple endings are always intriguing as they encourage players to try again and get something different. This is why many are curious about the Amnesia: The Bunker endings, as they want to know what’s different.

Fans do enjoy the pure horror aspect of the game, but it’s not fun to replay due to the lack of combat mechanics. It’s why some players just want to know which ending is “good” so they can know beforehand which goal to accomplish.

So, here are our explanations of the Amnesia: The Bunker endings. Once reading them, players can decide which path they want to take.

Amnesia: The Bunker endings explained

So, the good news is that there is not much involved in the endings to Amnesia: The Bunker. There are three endings in total and they all depend solely on the player’s actions in the final Beast battle. If players escape without killing The Beast, they both live. Should players kill The Beast, Henri lives. Finally, an ominous ending where Henri falls and encounters a familiar foe.

On the first ending, Henri is able to escape, only to see hundreds of dead bodies. The Beast makes an appearance one more time, before escaping to parts unknown. Soon, Henri is approached by a German patrol, with his fate unknown.

Ending number two has Henri killing the Beast by blowing up the bridge it was crossing in. After this happens, players get the exact same ending with Henri’s fate left to an upcoming German patrol.

Now, things get more interesting with the third ending. If players fall off the bridge during the final battle, Henri ends up going to a mysterious portal. This leads to him encountering The Shadow from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. After feeling witnessing its familiar aura, The Shadow then kills Henri.

Like a lot of games in the series, none of these are “good” endings as Henri’s fate is never good. But for more uplifting things, here’s the player count for State of Decay 2. Also check out the release date for Blasphemous 2.