Palia golden salmon - how to find and catch Characters walking through a bridge

Palia golden salmon – how to find and catch

Fishing is a detailed game mechanic in Palia. You can catch a large variety of fish and use them to finish certain quests, sell them, or even keep them in aquariums. However, this is not that easy to do. You have to understand when and where you can find a particular fish and how you can catch them. This easily applies to the Golden Salmon in Palia. It is a common fish, but not knowing when and where it can be found will make it annoying to catch. This guide will solve this problem for you and let you know how you can catch the Golden Salmon in Palia.

There are around 80 species of fish that you can catch in this game. This is a huge amount! You may have to fish for days for a specific fish. Hopefully, you will not have to wait long for the Golden Salmon.

Keep reading to learn how you can catch the Golden Salmon in Palia. Once you understand how you can acquire this fish, you will become a better fisher in this game.

Palia golden salmon - how to find and catch Character fishing

How to catch the Golden Salmon

You can find the Golden Salmon in the river between Kilima Village and Reflection Fields. You can only catch it in the morning, and you will need bait. So, before heading out, remember to get Worms. You can buy it from the General Store or get it from a Worm Farm.

Keep fishing by the Kilima River. Make sure to move around and try other piers if you are having trouble finding it. You can sell the Golden Salmon for 35 Gold and a Star quality one for 52 Gold. So, if you are looking to make fishing a viable business option, then you will need Golden Salmons to make a significant profit.

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