Blasphemous 2 sculptor - Penitent One waking up

Blasphemous 2 sculptor quest – find all the tools

A sculptor needs our help, it is hard work completing a statue, right? But he can be helped and that’s what we’ll be doing in the Blasphemous 2 sculptor quest. Let’s find the tools and bring them back to him.

This is one of the very first quests we’ll find in the game, but also probably one of the last that we’ll complete. We will have to search high and low for all the required tools. You can also bring back mementos for the sculptor to create statues for your altarpiece of favours.

But let’s look at how to complete the Blasphemous 2 sculptor quest.

Where to find the sculptor tools

In order to complete this quest we need to bring back to the sculptor several tools: they are the Resonant Gavel, the Immaculate Mother-of-Pearl gauge, Oils of Blessed Mixture, the Silver Shell File and Tears of Sap.

The first one, the resonant gavel is in Profundo Lamento, right after you’ve seen your first glimpse of the Sea of Ink (to the left) and you’re coming back to the city.

The Immaculate Mother-of-Pearl gauge is in Sacred Entombments, before meeting the second boss, while going to the left of the section.

The Silver Shell File is in Mother of Mothers, just follow along until you find a room with four mirrors on the right. Slide under the part which goes to the left and the file will be there.

Oils of the Blessed Mixture can be found in the first section of the game, before the City, where you started off with. Go down and you will have to face one of those big enemies with melee weapons, before you can collect them.

Finally, Tears of Sap is in Acqueduct of the Costales, in the second room in the stage. Use the bell to go up and get it, it should be relatively easy to find.

Bring those back to the sculptor as he will complete the statue of the Madonna. Your reward will be 5 Marks of Martyrdom and you’ll now have the daughter of the sculptor to help you.

How to use the sculptor

The sculptor can be used to both reorganize your Altarpiece of favours, but also to expand it by using Marks that you collect while fighting. Also, do not forget to bring back mementos you find in the game to him as well, as he can create statues for you.

That’s all we have for you on the Blasphemous 2 Scultpor quest. For more tips and tricks check out our bosses guide and quick chants.