Blasphemous 2 altarpiece of favours - fighting a skeleton

Blasphemous 2 Altarpiece of Favours – best combos

Blasphemous is back and we’re ready to take on the role of the Penitent One again as we journey through a land of hellish religious iconography. Along the way, we’ll come across the Blasphemous 2 Altarpiece of Favours, so you’ll want to know all the best combos to help.

The Blasphemous 2 Altarpiece of Favours allows you to use all the figurines you collect on your pilgrimage to grant yourself additional bonus powers and grow even stronger and fight bigger and badder enemies.

So, without dragging it out, below you’ll find everything you need to know about the best figure combinations to be the strongest Penitent One that you can be.

Blasphemous 2 figures – bonus powers

Here is the complete list of the figures that you can collect in the game and the effects related to them:

  • The Ecstatic Novice: increases stun power (25%) of attacks
  • The Scribe: increases Fervour (5%) generated by attacks
  • The Pilgrim: reduces Verdadera Destreza loss when hit
  • The Pillaager: reduces dodging cooldown (5%)
  • The Partisan: increases window of time (25%) to block
  • The Maiden: increases critical chance (3%) to hit
  • The Punished one: increases Ruego al Alba strength (25%)
  • The Demented one: Increases duration of Blood Pact
  • Viridiana: recovers health after performing execution
  • Nacimiento: increases effects of Bile flask
  • Trifòn: increases damage inflicted when life is low
  • Jaloque: critical hits relative to damage inflicted
  • Tirso: more damage (25%) when health is full
  • The Thirst: increases damage when bile flasks are depleted
  • The Purified one: increases Fire damage (25%)
  • The Tempest: increases Lightning damage (25%)
  • The Alchemist: increases Miasma damage (25%)
  • The Guide: increases Mystical damage (25%)
  • The Choirmaster: increases chance of critical hits when using prayers (5%)
  • The Bishop: more damage to prayers (10%)
  • Cierzo: more elemental damage (25%) when Fervour is at maximum
  • The Flagellant: less penalty for accumulation of Guilt (-50%)
  • The Traitor: more physical damage (10%)
  • The Tempest: increases lightning damage (10%)
  • The Unwavering One: increases critical hit and damage (10%) (can be obtained by breaking the Maiden three times and repairing it)

But do you know these figures can be combined? Let’s see which are the ordinary resonances you can create.

Altarpiece of Favours resonances

The figures can be combined for even more powers. These are the following favours you can have by combining the right figurines:

  • Gregal’s Favour (any statues from the candle class): increases Veredicto’s Strength
  • Jaloque’s Favour (any statues from the skull class): increases Ruego al Alba’s Strength
  • Cierzo’s Favour (any statues from the feather class): increases elemental damage
  • Lebeche’s Favour (any statues from the dagger class): increases the strength of Sarmiento & Centella.

But there are more that can be unlocked.

Altarpiece of Favours hidden resonances

There are some of the hidden resonances that you can use to further increase the strength of the penitent once:

  • Second Wind (Pilgrim + Nacimiento): drinking a Bile Flask will restore all Verdadera Destreza
  • Venomous Resin (Anointed one + Alchemist): Veredicto can now be charged with Miasma hits
  • Alchemical Time (Ecstatic Novice + Nacimiento): drinking a bile flask stops time for a few seconds
  • Storm Steps (Pillager + Tempest): dodging creates lightning bolts
  • Stomrage (Veteran one + Tempest): Sarmiento & Centella create lightning bolts
  • Briar and Thorn (Pillager + Alchemist): while dodging, create an aura of thorns.

That’s all you need to know about the Altarpiece of Favours. For more information, you can check out our other Blasphemous 2 guides to help give you more tips and tricks.