Dead Island 2 laundry room key location - how to find the item - red aesthetic zombie background

Dead Island 2 laundry room key location – how to find the item

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Dead Island 2 is out after years of waiting, and players can enjoy killing zombies to their hearts’ content. But exploration also means getting lost easily, One thing you’ll need to find is the Dead Island 2 laundry room key location, so we’ve put together this guide to help you open the room.

As you explore the Halperin Hotel, you’ll come across many locked safes and containers, which require specific keys to access. While you might expect the Dead Island 2 Officer’s Lockbox Key to just be around, you need a bit of problem solving.

Below, you’ll find all the things you need to do to get the key and get inside.

How to find laundry room key in Dead Island 2 laundry 

To get the laundry room key in Dead Island 2, you need to kill a special zombie called the Karaoke Bridesmaid. This zombie only appears when you return to the Halperin Hotel later in the game.

Firstly, complete the “Plumbing the Depths” main quest, which is the 18th main quest in Dead Island 2. Once you have completed it, head back to the Halperin Hotel. The wedding arch outside is marked on the map, which is where you need to go. This arch is where the Karaoke Bridesmaid spawns, and you need to defeat her to get the Laundry Room Locker Key.

The Karaoke Bridesmaid is a Voltaic Screamer, which means it bursts with electricity whenever it screams. To avoid taking damage, stay away when it screams, then quickly attack with melee. Once you defeat the Karaoke Bridesmaid, it will drop the Laundry Room Locker Key. You can even bring some friends along as backup if you’re struggling to kill the zombie.

So, now you know how to open that laundry room. For more guides like this one, make sure to check out Officer’s Lockbox Key location and how to unlock the co-op multiplayer mode