high on life nipulon boss fight a close up of the boss

High on Life Nipulon boss fight – how to find and beat him

Squanch Games has created a hilarious comedy shooter in the form of High on Life, but it’s not all yucks and you do actually have to complete quests to finish the game. One of these is the High on Life Nipulon boss fight, which is the penultimate bounty in the game.

The High on Life Nipulon boss fight is quite complicated and it can be frustrating if you don’t use the right tactics. It does, however, all start with finding your way to the boss in the first place, so it’s not all about the fight itself.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about finding Nipulon and then beating him once you make it there.

High on Life Nipulon boss fight – how to find Nipulon

Nipulon is located at Port Terrene. You will only be able to get the quest to beat him after completing the Dr Giblets and Skrendel Bros bounties. The quest to defeat Nipulon is called “Bounty: Port” and will be unlocked automatically after completing the aforementioned bounties.

You will need to first survive the G3 attack on Blim City. Then, accept the Nipulon bounty from Gene. After that, you will need to cure the goop monster in order to get a disguise to enter Nipulon’s office undetected. Once you have that, you’ll need to head into Nipulon’s headquarters and kill your way to the top. Once there, you’ll meet Nipulon.

High on Life Nipulon boss fight – how to beat Nipulon

The Nipulon boss fight occurs in four stages, each getting progressively more difficult. His main attacks will change in each stage, so be prepared to adjust your strategy.

First phase

When you enter Nipulon’s office and fire at him, you’ll begin the boss fight. The best tactic in this phase is to take cover behind items and furniture dotted around the office to stop yourself from taking damage. When he pauses his attacks, pop out and unload your weapon into him.

Second phase

Once you’ve dealt Nipulon enough damage, he’ll clone himself. His clones all have different colors, but they also only have one health point, which means they’re easy to take on. The real Nipulon always appears in orange, so focus your attacks on orange clones. This is where fate fire-rate weapons that can cover a large AoE come in handy.

Third phase

In this phase, the clones start moving around, from left to right and then right to left. Shoot the clones that are shooting at you first, but keep using weapons that deal quick damage over a large area to quickly discern the clones from the real Nipulon.

Fourth phase

This is the final phase of the Nipulon boss fight. All of the clones will now block you from entering Nipulon’s office. You’ll need to clear a path to get back inside, so we recommend shooting a path through the middle with a high rate of fire weapon and sprinting through the gap you’ve created.

Once inside, you’ll find Nipulon covered in a purple energy shield. Shoot him until he dies and the boss fight is over. You can pick up his DNA sample and get the bounty reward for completing the quest.

That’s everything we know about how to complete the High on Life Nipulon boss fight. For more High on Life guides, check out our where to use warp discs and a starfish is born guides for more walkthroughs on the comedy shooter.