Wayfinder venomess - the sixth character

How to unlock Venomess in Wayfinder

Wayfinder, an action RPG game developed by Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes, has captured the attention of gamers worldwide since its early access. The game offers several characters, one of which is Venomess, a mysterious and powerful figure. In this guide, we will explore the various methods to unlock Venomess in Wayfinder.

Venomess, the sixth character introduced in Wayfinder, made her debut during PAX East 2023. Although many details about her gameplay, abilities, and equipment remain under wraps, the teaser trailer provides a glimpse into her intriguing persona.

Read on to find out how to unlock Venomess in Wayfinder.

How to unlock Venomess in Wayfinder

Unlocking Venomess in Wayfinder requires a special approach as she is not available for purchase in the in-game shop like other characters. Instead, she can be obtained through several methods. Let’s explore each of these methods in detail:

Material Gathering

Gathering the necessary materials is one way to summon Venomess in Wayfinder. These materials can be obtained by defeating powerful late-game bosses such as Storm Twins, The First, and Grand Deceiver Maras. In addition to these boss drops you will also need common materials to craft Memories, which are essential for summoning Venomess.

Free Battle Pass-Keys

Another method to unlock Venomess is by collecting free Battle Pass-keys through gameplay. These keys grant access to one of the four components required for Venomess. However, the remaining parts can only be obtained by battling bosses. This method requires dedication and skill to obtain all the necessary components.

Paid Reward Tower Battle Pass

Investing in the Paid Reward Tower Battle Pass is another option to unlock Venomess in Wayfinder. By purchasing this Battle Pass, you can secure all four components essential for Venomess, along with other valuable rewards. However, it’s important to note that these components need to be unlocked by progressing through various Tower floors, each containing a distinct material.

Premium Reward Tower Battle Pass

For those who prefer an instant and hassle-free method of obtaining Venomess, the Premium Reward Tower Battle Pass is the ideal choice. By purchasing this premium Battle Pass, you can immediately unlock and utilize Venomess in your gameplay without the need for excessive grinding.

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