NHL 24 Champions guide points and rewards - playing a game of champions.

NHL 24 HUT champions – rewards and points explained

Are you trying to understand how NHL 24 HUT champions points and rewards work? Let’s go through how to earn points and all the rewards. HUT allows you to create your favorite team based on player cards collected. However, it requires weekly participation to progress and you’ll get more rewards based on your performance. Overall, in Champions, you’ll have to face some of the best and most competitive players in the game. Let’s go through how the point and reward system works.

NHL 24 Champions guide points and rewards - referee during a champions game.

NHL 24 HUT Champions points

To qualify for HUT Champions, you will need a total of 2,000 HUT Champion Points. These can be earned by playing HUT Rivals, or through previous HUT Champions seasons. Overall, the higher your division placement in hUT Rivals, the more HUT Champions points you’ll get at the end. Division 6 is the lowest and 1 the highest.

Once you collect enough points, you can redeem them to get an untradeable Qualification Collectible. This allows you to enter the competition that happens every weekend. Champions is the toughest challenge in the game, but is it worth it? Let’s go through the rewards.

NHL 24 HUT Champions rewards

As for Champions rewards, you will earn coins for every match played. Keep in mind that winning awards you with more coins. Additionally, based on your final placement, you’ll earn packs. For instance, the NHL 24 HUT Champions rewards for rank 5 are the following:

  • 1x Mega Players Pack
  • 3x Ultimate Packs
  • 1x Ultimate Choice Pack

Just imagine what you’ll get if you reach rank 1. As for how to get them, you must go to the HUT Champions section in online mode, hold L2, and navigate to ‘Completed Seasons’. Find the season you played and all your rewards can be claimed from there. Also, keep in mind that rewards go out the Tuesday after the competition.

To summarize this NHL 24 HUT Champions guide, you can participate in this mode after earning enough points by playing Rivals. It takes place from Wednesday until Sunday each week and rewards are distributed every Tuesday through the HUT online hub. Rewards vary based on your final placement and they are well worth the effort, even if you don’t manage to reach the higher ranks. To increase your chances of winning, consider also checking out our guide on the best NHL 24 HUT offense and defense settings. Alternatively, for a different game, here’s a list of all monsters in Lethal Company.

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