Baldur's Gate 3 Asharak — where to find him Character looking very angry

Baldur’s Gate 3 Asharak — where to find him

Baldur’s Gate 3’s world is filled with interesting NPCs that you can interact with. They have their own unique personality and backstory that will either make you want to recruit them to your party or just annoy you a lot and make you never want to talk to them again. Additionally, Baldur’s Gate 3 even rewards you for your extroverted nature when you go out of your way to talk to particular NPCs. Such is the case for Asharak in Baldur’s Gate 3, and if you don’t know where to find him, this article will let you know.

Thankfully, Asharak is a pretty delightful NPC to talk to, so getting the reward will be an easy task. Still, you will need to be careful, as he is not going to give you that reward that easily.

Keep reading to find out where you can find Asharak in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur's Gate 3 Asharak — where to find him Character looking down on other characters

Where can you find Asharak during the first act?

While playing through the first act, you can find Asharak in Druid Grove near Emerald Grove. He will be training a group of Tieflings. Once you start your conversation, you will get a couple of dialogue options and your choice will help you progress through Asharak’s story. This is going to be your first encounter with him.

Where to find Asharak in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Asharak will be located in The Hollow at Druid Grove. If you want to get a more accurate location then the following are his coordinates in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • X: 204
  • Y: 548

He will be present at the higher levels there, so be sure to look around this area. When you start talking to him, you will notice a chest near him. This is the reward. However, if you just go directly to the chest and take all the rewards inside of it, Asharak won’t be happy.

So, instead, try to make him occupied with one of your party members and sneak behind him unnoticed. Reach the chest and steal everything inside it.

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