Age of Wonders 4 best tomes to use in the strategy game wise old man

Age of Wonders 4 best tomes to use in the strategy game

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The fourth chapter in the long running series of fantasy strategy titles features a plethora of different abilities to choose from, which are essential to victory. In this guide, we will take you through the Age of Wonders 4 best tomes to use.

Choosing the best tomes is crucial, as they can greatly influence the outcome of battles. When selecting them, players must consider the tier and affinity of each one.

Keep reading to find all about the Age of Wonders 4 best tomes and how you can use them to your advantage to come at a quick victory.

Best tomes to use in Age of Wonders 4

Age of Wonders 4 has 54 tomes divided into six affinities, some of which are superior to others. Our tier list provides hints about the most versatile tomes with the best buffs.

Here are some of the best tomes that will give you a significant advantage:

  • Tome of the God Emperor: Reduces 50% of enemy troops’ health on his territory before battle. Also decreases their spirit by 20. You can resurrect your troops with 50% health using the Mass Revive skill and defeat all the enemies.
  • Tome of The Eternal Lord: Increases your army two or more times by resurrecting your fallen warriors and your enemy’s fallen warriors and sending them against your enemy. You can call on an additional army from nowhere and take the enemy by surprise.
  • Tome of Chaos Channeling — Tier IV | Chaos — This tome provides access to powerful spells like the “Gremlin Ambushers”. It can spawn to attack a city in a domain you’re battling within.
  • Tome of Necromancy — Tier II | Shadow Affinity — This tome allows you to create various undead creatures, including stronger, “advanced” undead allies.
  • Tome of the Arch Mage — Tier V | Astral Affinity — With this tome, your army’s leader can be teleported to the other target’s world hex.

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