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Lethal Company – all monsters and threats guide

Lethal Company is great fun, but can also be frustrating having to deal with all of its monsters and threats. In this guide, we will cover all the monsters and threats waiting for you, inside and outside the facility. Whether you’re just in it to collect all the bestiary entries or looking for useful tricks on how to survive, we have the info you need.

Lethal Company outdoor monsters

These are the monsters that you will find roaming outdoors:

Roaming LocustWon’t pose any threat to the player. Can be scanned for completions’ sake.
Manty CoilsHarmless like the Locust, scan them if you want to complete the Bestiary.
Circuit BeesWill chase you if you steal their hive, so better wait until the last minute.
Baboon HawkA single hawk will not attack unless provoked, but they are dangerous in groups.
Five or six hits should take care of them.
Earth LeviathanPretty strong, but with one fatal flaw. It can be easily evaded by turning around 180 degrees and running in the opposite direction. It won’t chase you.
Eyeless DogThis poor dog can’t see, but they can definitely hear you. Stay quiet, because this dog attacks like a bull, so if it happens just try and get around it.
Forest GiantA giant it is, this is one dangerous mofo. You want to take refuge wherever possible to try and keep out of its reach. Overall, just do not look straight at it and do not make loud noises.

This should be enough to ensure your survival outside. But now, it is time to enter the facility.

Lethal Company facility monsters

Once inside the facility, a different terrifying collection of monsters awaits. These creatures are even stronger than the ones outside. These are the ones you will face:

HygrodereSlow moving giant slime. Generally not that difficult to avoid, if it’s right below you jsut use stools or whatever is available to not drop on the floor.
Spore LizardUsually ignores the players, will fight back only if provoked.
Hoarding BugThe bug won’t like it if you steal their stuff, and will fight back. Better left alone, unless you really like to stir up trouble.
Snare FleaThese fleas roam around in the air, so be on the look out to see. If one wants to target you, be quick to remove and kill it.
Bunker SpiderThese spiders can be quite the nuisance, don’t get too close. Better keep your distance and use whatever you have to take them out.
ThumpersThese things are fast and hard to evade, quite the bad combination. Use objects to keep your distance. If you really need to go up against them, strike quickly or also use sound to make them go away.
JesterThe Jester is the end. If it wakes up, it’s only a matter of time before everyone is terminated. Once it’s awake, get ready to leave as soon as possible.
Ghost GirlHearing strange noises, lights flicker? Then she is on the haunt. While she generally targets one single player, she is hard to get rid of, cause she likes to play. One word of advice: do not approach.

But that’s not it, is it? There are still more things you have to look out for, despite monsters.

General Lethal Company threats

Indeed, even walking around inside the facility can lead to an untimely death if you’re not careful. These general threats include:

Steam outburstsThis slowly fill the area with steam. Find the source and turn it off, simple as that.
LandminesDo not touch them. Instead, trigger them remotely via a command chair person. Exercise caution and be aware of their locations.
TurretsWill attack if they see you, they can be sneaked around or also disabled using a command chair person. If you don’t have somebody, be on the look out and move when they aren’t looking.
Fall damageBe careful when dealing with heights, avoid falling as that may lead to an untimely death.
ThunderstormsDuring storms, better not be near or holding a metal object. Lightning can be quite dangerous.
Flooded areasDon’t drown, simple as that, right? Make sure to make your way back to the ship before the water rises too much.
Rickety bridgeThese areas will collapse at one point, be sure on it. Avoid wearing too much on them and crossing them more than a couple of times.
Sludge pitsSludge and quicksand will be dangerous, pulling you down. Watch the ground and be careful of any darker spots.

Now you are ready to head into the factory and dealing with all these monsters and threats in Lethal Company. For more tips and tricks, check out also how to deal with the Flower Man.

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