Lethal Company best strategy - player standing next to the building's main entrance.

Lethal Company strategy – the best one to use

Are you looking for the best Lethal Company strategy to help you make more scrap on each run? Here’s how to coordinate your team. Having a strategy is important and extremely helpful if you want to increase your chances of surviving and also get more scrap per run. While you can simply all rush in and collect scrap, it’s not the most efficient method and you’re cutting your profits short by doing that. Let’s go through a more advanced strategy.

Lethal Company best strategy - player holding a shovel.

Best strategy in Lethal Company – Team Roles

For the best strategy in Lethal Company, you’ll need to assign team roles based on the time. Between 8-12, all players should simply rush in with flashlights to explore and get loot, while one should also have a Walkie-Talkie. Optionally, you can have 1-2 stun grenades and a shovel. While this is possible with 2-3 players, the best option is having a group of four. This is not a strategy for solo players.

Since the building is safer in the morning, I recommend splitting up. Either go in groups of two or everyone on their own (be careful of Snare Fleas on the ceiling).

After 12, one player transfers scrap back to the ship and stays there, while the other three keep exploring. The player on the ship picks up a Walkie-Talkie and communicates with the other player inside. Their goal is to give them info about enemies and the map. The player on the ship should use the Terminal to open doors and disable turrets.

Between 12-6, the three players inside loot as many items as possible and leave everything just outside the building. I recommend grouping up or at least being fairly close to each other (1-2 rooms away). After 6, with the help of the player on the ship, two players transfer the loot back. The player on the ship scouts for Forest Keepers or Blind Dogs around the area. The last player stays inside and loots a bit more if it’s not too dangerous.

At any point after 6, you can consider leaving. This depends on whether you have enough scrap and if it’s safe to stay.

To summarize, the best Lethal Company strategy involves all four players looting until 12 noon, then one staying on the ship and giving info. The other players should stay and loot until 6 pm. After that, two should leave to transfer loot, while one can stay if they want to risk it for more loot. The most important role is the player staying on the ship, as they have access to all the information available and must coordinate everyone else. Before leaving, if you want to spice up your strategy as the player on the ship, here’s our Teleporter vs Inverse Teleporter guide.

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