How to open doors with the terminal in Lethal Company.

How to open doors with the Terminal in Lethal Company

Are you looking for a way to open doors with the Terminal in Lethal Company? Here’s everything you need to know. As you explore the inside area, you’ll notice many large metal doors that are completely shut. You can’t open them from inside, even if you have a key. However, there is a way to open them and access more areas on the map by using the Terminal. This way, you’ll be able to find more loot overall. Let’s go through how to do it.

How to open doors with the terminal in Lethal Company.

How to use the Terminal and open doors in Lethal Company

To open doors with the Terminal in Lethal Company, interact with the terminal, type ‘view monitor’, and on the next screen type the letter and number of a door to open or close it.

You’ll see a map of the inside building with various letters and numbers all around (for instance A3, D5, K2). Each of these symbolizes either a turret or a door. Type its letter and number on the Terminal (only the letter and number, nothing else) and if it’s a door, it will open. If it’s a turret, you will disable it temporarily.

As mentioned, you can use the exact same process in the Terminal to disable turrets in Lethal Company. Just keep in mind that sentry turrets are only disabled temporarily (for about five seconds), so you’ll need proper coordination with your teammates and to move fast.

Doors will be unlocked permanently until you type the letter and number again to close them. In general, I recommend constantly checking the map and closing doors only when certain creatures are approaching to block them. Just make sure to have a walkie-talkie on you and communicate with another teammate who has one.

To summarize, you can open doors with the Terminal in Lethal Company by typing ‘view monitor’ and then the letter and number of the door you want to open as shown on the map. Just make sure to only open doors your teammates need, since otherwise you’ll just be opening passages for creatures to come through. Overall, it’s important to always have someone on the Terminal to organize everything. They can open doors, disable turrets, and coordinate the team. Before leaving, if you want to play with more than four people, here’s how to increase server size in Lethal Company. Alternatively, to spice up your gameplay, here are the best mods in Lethal Company.

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