How to sell scrap in Lethal Company - players standing in front of the sell counter in the Company Building.

How to sell scrap metal in Lethal Company

Are you trying to sell scrap metal in Lethal Company but can’t figure out how? Here’s how to start making money by selling scrap. The main goal of the game is to make enough money every three days to prevent getting fired. Additionally, selling scrap will award you with money that can then be used to buy new and better equipment. Overall, collecting and selling scrap is the main way to progress in the game. Thus, let’s see how to start selling your hard-earned scrap.

How to sell scrap in Lethal Company - sell counter in the Company building.
Place your scrap items on this counter and press the bell on the right to sell everything.

How to sell items and make money

To sell items in Lethal Company, set the Terminal destination to the Company Building, place everything you want to sell on the table in front of you and ring the bell next to it. After a few seconds, everything will get sold. Then, you’ll receive a notification about how much money you made.

To find the Company Building, type ‘moons’ in the Terminal, and then ‘company building’. Confirm your selection and pull the lever. After a few seconds, you’ll land at the Company Building, which has a shop counter just straight from the ship’s exit.

Also, don’t push the bell more than once. The creature that takes your scrap and pays you can easily become irritated if you spam the bell. If it becomes irritated, it will grab the closest player and kill them.

Best time to sell scrap metal in Lethal Company

While you can sell your items at any point, you shouldn’t. Each day the company will buy scrap at a different price. On the first day, all scrap will be valued at around 50%, while on the last day, this reaches 100%. Thus, it’s best to sell everything on the last day of the quota.

However, this is also risky since there’s a higher chance of dying and losing everything by then. In general, the best tip is to hold off selling as much as you can. Don’t risk too much but also don’t sell on your first day since it will minimize your profits.

To summarize, you can sell scrap metal in Lethal Company by visiting the Company Building via the Terminal, placing all your scrap on the counter in front of you, and ringing the bell once. This way, you’ll sell everything that’s on the counter and receive proper compensation for your work. Then, you’ll be able to access the store and buy new items! For suggestions on what to buy, consider checking out our guide on all Lethal Company suits and how to unlock them.

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