Lethal Company suits - suit location in the ship.

Lethal Company suits – how to unlock them all

Are you interested in unlocking more suits in Lethal Company? Here’s how to get every outfit and explore the moons in style. Overall, there are various outfits available from the store, and you can download more via mods. However, they don’t offer any in-game benefits, other than styling. Nevertheless, if you want to be more stylish, this guide will go through everything you need to know about outfits.

Lethal Company suits - Pajama suit in game.

All Lethal Company suits and how to get them

Currently, there are four different suits available in Lethal Company:

  • Default suit – The classic orange suit that’s always available when starting out.
  • Green suit – Similar to the classic but in green, this suit can be obtained for 60 credits from the store.
  • Hazard suit – Available in the shop for 90 credits, this yellow hazard suit does not, unfortunately, protect you from radiation or anything else.
  • Pajama suit – For the most stylish outfit in the game, the Pajama suit is your best bet. Blue Pajamas with yellow dots at the cost of 900 credits. Is it worth it though? That’s for you to decide.

If you’ve unlocked all of them, you can change suits in the game by interacting with the hanger inside your ship. It’s right next to the exit and will include any suits you’ve unlocked. You are free to change anytime you want, at no extra cost, between all the outfits you own.

Keep in mind that outfits do not grant any actual bonuses or effects. They are fully cosmetic and just for fun. Also, if you buy the outfit once, all players will be able to equip it (you don’t need to buy four of them). Lastly, if you get fired, you will lose all unlocked suits and will have to buy them again.

How to get more suits

If these styles aren’t enough, you can get more Lethal Company suits by downloading the More Suits mod. This mod will add a wide variety of new outfits inspired by famous video game franchises such as Mario. Additionally, you’ll be able to even add your own costumes.

For some extra fun without having to spend all your money on outfits, this mod is a must-try. For more mod suggestions, consider checking out our guide on how to increase server size in Lethal Company. This mod will allow you to play on servers with up to 20 people!

To summarize, there are three Lethal Company suits available in the store for 60, 90, and 900 credits respectively. Alternatively, you can download the More Suits mod to add an extremely wide variety of custom outfits from other favorite games. Just keep in mind that suits are only cosmetic and they offer no in-game advantages. Before leaving, consider also checking out our guide on how to get the Artifact of Command in Risk of Rain Returns.

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