Lethal Company platforms - console release - exploring the inside building in the Vow moon.

Lethal Company platforms – can you play on console?

Lethal Company has been a big success since launch and many players have been wondering which platforms is Lethal Company available on. Console adaptations are important to a game’s success since they increase its overall player base and allow everyone to play without needing to have a gaming PC. However, such adaptations are also hard to design. Especially in the case of Lethal Company, which is developed by a solo developer, a multi-platform release can be tricky. Let’s go through everything you need to know.

Lethal Company platforms - console release - carrying a box of bottles to the ship.

Lethal Company platforms

At the moment of writing this guide, Lethal Company is only available on PC platforms. Specifically, you can only access it via the Steam launcher. Since it was released only a few weeks ago, and it’s developed by one person, this makes sense.

However, it’s been a massive success so far. As a result, many players have been wondering if it’s ever going to be released on console.

Will Lethal Company be available on console?

Currently, there are no plans for Lethal Company to be released on consoles. The only plan that exists for now is leaving Early Access in 2024, about 6 months from now. However, since the game has been a major success recently, we could see a console release when 1.0 comes out.

While this is only speculation, it is highly possible, especially if the dev team gets expanded with new members.

To summarize, Lethal Company is only available on PC via the Steam launcher and has no plans of being released on other platforms in the near future. However, if the dev team expands and the game continues being successful, it’s definitely a possibility to see a console release in Q2/Q3 2024, when the game leaves Early Access. Of course, these dates are not final and everything is subject to change. If you’re currently looking for a console game, here’s how to get the Ritualist Scythe in Remnant 2 and, for a more seasonal experience, our Lake Season’s Greetings DLC review.

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