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Planet of Lana shrines guide – where are they?

Collectibles are a main part of our favorite hobby, hate them or love them, they are here to stay. But sometimes, in some games they are quite more difficult to find than in others, which is definitely the case with the Planet of Lana shrines.

Perhaps, you might have found a couple of them playing, but finding them all if you’re not actively on the hunt? It might be quite difficult.

So, we are here to help you find all the Planet of Lana shrines, read on.

Where are the Planet of Lana shrines?

Here is a list of all the shrines and their locations:

  • Shrine 1: the easiest to find, in chapter two. After the boat falls to its death, you need to use its body on a pressure plate. But before doing that, go left, past the body, you will find the shrine.
  • Shrine 2: in chapter 3, before you use the wooden car to cover up the energy plate, move the car to the left, hop on the ledge and find the shrine to the left.
  • Shrine 3: still in chapter 3, crouch underneath wooden boards, hop up on the crate instead of throwing it down.
  • Shrine 4: right at the start of chapter four, after turning on the first light plate, go left and there is a well hidden rope to climb. The shrine is up on the right.
  • Shrine 5 in chapter 5, use the crate to hop on the ledge, call mui. hop on the rope to the right and there is a hidden ledge that you can jump on to the right. See image below.
  • Shrine 6: in chapter six, after you bring mui to the right via the tree trunk, continue right. At the next body of water, drop down in the water, go right, crouch and continue to the right to find the shrine.
  • Shrine 7: after you solve the first body of water by emptying it, drop to the water at the next but instead of going right, go left.
  • Shrine 8: in chapter 9, right at the beginning, go left, keep swimming to the left as far as possible
  • Shrine 9: at the part where there are the roots on the ground which slow you down, go right, make mui get the cable down, jump right avoiding the creatures, go right to take control of the machine, kill the enemies and going up you should find the shrine and a pressure plate next to it. drop the robot on the plate go up and get the shrine
  • Shrine 10: finally, in chapter ten, after the two lift platforms, block the robot under the plate, use the lift on the left, climb up and get the final shrine.

Hope you have been able to solve the puzzles and get the achievement now. But if you are looking for more help, check out our Planet of Lana walkthrough.