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Planet of Lana Flawless achievement – how to avoid dying

Planet of Lana landed to great success due to its heartwarming story and anime-like visuals – who doesn’t like the sound of that? Monsters, that’s who. The game has lots of hidden secrets to find, and one of them is the Planet of Lana Flawless achievement, which is the most difficult feat to accomplish in the game.

So, if you’ve completed the puzzle adventure already, you might be heading back into the game to get the Planet of Lana Flawless achievement for that full completion and 1000 Gamerscore. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you out.

Below, you’ll find tips and tricks to avoid taking damage and unlock the achievement. Hopefully, they will help you out.

Planet of Lana Flawless achievement – how to avoid dying and unlock the achievement

To get the Flawless achievement in Planet of Lana, you need to complete the game without dying even once. You might be thinking that’s a difficult feat to accomplish, and it is. So here are the best ways to stay alive in the game:

Make Mui wait

If you’re unsure if it’s safe to jump or cross an area, then your best tactic is to make Mui – your in-game companion – wait while you scout ahead. You can always go back and grab Mui once the coast is clear, so don’t be tempted to rush into situations you can’t get out of.

Drop down ledges safely

Did you know you can drop down ledges safely? That’s right, you don’t need to jump to lower platforms all the time when there’s a safe way to slide down. Yes, this method is much slower, but it prevents you from making leaps of faith that end in tears.

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Don’t try your luck with robots

Robots are out to stop you and Mui from escaping in Planet of Lana, so a great way to make getting the Planet of Lana Flawless achievement much easier is to take your time and watch their patrol patterns.

Robots will fly around looking for you in a controlled manner (they are robots, after all), so if you think one is coming your way, then run back to safe areas as many times as you need to rather than rushing ahead and getting spotted by Skynet. We all know how that ends.

Be careful in Chapter 10

In Chapter 10, you’ll enter the desert. It’s the end of the game, so naturally, it gets more difficult to progress here and you can run into some tough situations. The desert area in this chapter is full of robots, so you’ll want to heed our previous advice and be extremely careful if you want to complete the game without dying. It would be a huge shame to die on the precipice of getting the achievement.

There are also some very difficult jumps to make, so use take your time and take all the precautions possible to get these just right.

That’s everything you need to know about how to avoid death and get the Planet of Lana Flawless achievement.

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