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Fortune telling Fire Emblem Engage – how to unlock

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Fire Emblem Engage is a the new chapter in the tactical RPG series, defeat enemies in turn-based battles and complete missions. Along the way, you will meet a lot of different characters, and one of them is Seadall. Through this character, you will be able to use an interesting feature of the game, Fortune Telling Fire Emblem Engage.

There are plenty of things to do in the game besides combat and fighting. If you have pre-ordered the RPG, you have received a tarot deck with 12 rendered cards of Emblem heroes of the past. You can unlock the in-game application with the character Seadall.

In this guide, we will show you how to unlock Fortune Telling Fire Emblem Engage!

How to unlock fortune telling in Fire Emblem Engage

In Chapter 15 of Fire Emblem Engage, you will find Seadall. The chapter is called Dancer in the Ruins, and aptly so, as you need to rescue the character from Corrupted enemies. Once you have done so, you will find a new building near the pool of the Somneil with a purple hand and three tarot cards. It is open only at night.

This is a special place where you can have your fortune read. When Seadall appears after dark, you will be able to approach him for a reading. You can pick anyone on your team, and he will reveal two things about the character:

  • Their deepest fear
  • Who they’re thinking of.

While the first one sounds graver, it is actually just for fun with no actual consequence to the game. However, the second reveal will be useful to you. The character picked will tell you who they have an increased chance of leveling up their support rank with. So, make sure to pair them together in battle.

We hope that this guide helped you unlock the fortune telling feature in Fire Emblem Engage! Why not check out our other guides such as the romance list and how many chapters there are in the game?