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Best class for Anna Fire Emblem Engage explained

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In Fire Emblem Engage, you will meet a lot of characters who you can bond with to increase your friendship level. They will support you in your team by fighting for you. Anna is one of the characters you will come across in Fire Emblem Engage, so we will show you the best class for Anna Fire Emblem Engage!

You will get Anna to level one in Chapter 7, and she wields an axe. She doesn’t seem very powerful, but that’s because she’s not in her right element yet. With a little bit of guidance, you will be able to make her a strong character.

Let’s find out how to achieve this in our guide for the best class for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage!

What is the best class for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage?

Once you have Anna on your team, your best course of action is to turn her into a Mystical unit for Fire Emblem Engage. As an Axe user, she won’t go very far as her Strength growth is 15%. However, both her Magic and Speed growth rates are 50%, which is a huge plus. 

To change Anna’s class, you will need to complete chapter 8 of Fire Emblem Engage. After this step, you will get access to Second Seals which you can use to change her from an Axe Fighter to a Mage.

Make sure to give Anna a Magic proficiency to change her class to Mage. You can do this by collecting 500 Bond Fragments and building a bond with the Celica ring to level 6. Now, you can use the Second Seal on Anna and change her class.

When Anna reaches level 10 as a Mage, you can choose between the two promotions:

  • Sage 
  • Mage Knight

If you want to use her as a tome user and improve her Magic stat, you can pick Sage. However, if you want more mobility and kill potential, you can give her a mount and Levin Sword access, choose Mage Knight.

We hope this gift guide helped you decide what is the best class you should pick for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage! Feel free to check out our other guides on the game such as horse manure and romance list of all characters.