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League of Legends Udyr rework explained

MOBAs like League of Legends are constantly changing, and it’s one of the most interesting and annoying parts of them; we love that it keeps things fresh, but it also makes keeping track of changes like the League of Legends Udyr rework hard.

Descibred as the most powerful spirit walker alive, Udyr communes with all things Freljodian. He’s a right bruiser, too, which makes the League of Legends Udyr rework even more interesting, seeing as you might want to pick him and try out all his new abilities.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide, which tells you everything you need to know about Udyr’s new abilities so that you can get a good idea before you head in-game and get Teemo darted. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

League of Legends Udyr rework

This is all the information you need about the Udyr rework in League of Legends:

  • Bridge Between (passive) – Udyr can swap between four stances, each of which is related to a Freljodian demigod. He can periodically recast his active stance to Awaken it for bonus effects, with a shared cooldown between stances.
  • Wilding Claw (Q) – makes Udyr gain a burst of attack speed, letting his next two attacks deal bonus physical damage.
    • Awaken – Udyr gains increased attack speed and his next two attacks chain lightning off the target, bouncing up to 6 times. Lightning can strike the same target multiple times, dealing heavy damage to isolated targets.
  • Iron Mantle (W) – activating this ability gives Udyr a shield and makes his next two attacks restore health.
    • Awaken – Udyr gains a bigger shield and his next two attacks heal even more. He restores a percentage of his max health over the next few seconds.
  • Blazing Stampede (E) – Udyr gains a burst of move speed and his first attack against each target while in this stance lunges a short distance and stuns them. It has a per-unit cooldown, making swapping targets a good strategy.
    • Awaken – Udyr gains increased movement speed and briefly becomes immune to crowd control.
  • Wingborne Storm (R) – Udyr temporarily summons a storm around him that slows and damages nearby units. His next two attacks cause the storm to pulse, dealing bonus magic damage.
    • Awaken – Udyr unleashes the storm, causing it to deal additional damage and chase after nearby enemies.

Those are all the League of Legends Udyr rework abilities, but if you’re looking for more live-service game games, why not check out our Valorant Agents tier list or Warzone’s best MP5 loadout?