Lies of P The Ergo is Whispering - what does it mean? Characters standing with a casket

Lies of P The Ergo is Whispering – what does it mean?

If somehow players still have not realized it already, Lies of P takes a lot of inspiration from Carlo Collodi’s novel The Adventures of Pinocchio. It’s not a faithful adaptation but rather a new interpretation of this iconic story. Thus, you will encounter a lot of original story beats. One of them is indeed The Ergo is Whispering message in Lies of P. This article will help you understand this message a little better.

This highly anticipated soulslike Lie of P has just been released. And the majority of players have been loving it. With addictive combat mechanics, a detailed world, and interesting characters, it provides a great combination of fast-paced gameplay while keeping them intrigued with engaging lore. So knowing the type of story this game is trying to tell will just increase your appreciation.

Keep reading to find out what The Ergo is Whispering message in Lies of P means and what you can understand from it.

Lies of P The Ergo is Whispering - what does it mean? Character talking to dog man

What does The Ergo is Whispering mean in Lies of P?

This message will pop up when you choose between lying or telling the truth. There are two ways to understand it:

  • There is a hidden humanity stat that gets filled up when you get this message. The amount of time this message appears may affect the type of ending you are going to get.
  • This is actually a game mechanic that is heavily connected to the game’s overall narrative and theme.

The first interpretation is way more technical but still true. However, the second one is more thematic, as narratively, Pinocchio’s internal conflict can boil down to him trying to understand his identity. Thus, constantly having to choose between something a mechanical puppet will do and something that a human being will do.

Thus, when you help people or pray near a statue, this message will appear. Although this is a pretty subtle mechanic, it is still important to consider when trying to get a particular ending. Moreover, it is a great way of integrating the game’s narrative into its gameplay. This makes Lies of P a more immersive and thought-provoking experience.

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